Ayla: Brilliance/Voice

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An Archaeological Team member from the World Government Association of Art in Babylonia. The “new blood” of Babylonia. Loves art with a passion. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Construct joins
This world needs more colors!
Level up
Keep improving yourself!
Ah, I just got a flash of inspiration!
Ideas are flooding into my head!
Improve skill
I know it's a training session, isn't it?
Equip weapon
So that's your taste, Commandant.
Add to team
Time for some warm-up exercises.
Set as leader
My paintbrush is ready!
Mission complete 1
How does it feel to create with me? It feels great, right?
Mission complete 2
The world is my canvas!
General greeting 1
Why are you so quiet? Have you been focusing on something, Commandant?
General greeting 2
Have you finished your work, Commandant? Then please keep your eyes on me from now on.
General greeting 3
I've finished hundreds of sketches when you're away!
Affection up 1
Please bring the gifts from my fans to my agent—Huh, it's from Commandant? Wait, I'll take it.
Affection up 2
Hey, Your aesthetic is certainly getting better!
Affection up 3
Hehe, let me test how good is your taste, Commandant.
Affection up 4
Inspiration is definitely a lovable yet annoying thing.
Affection up 5
You understand me even better than my agent.
Affection up 6
What do you think about me? You can tell me straight up, Commandant.
Affection up 7
You're thinking I'm picky about gifts, aren't you? That's right, but your gift is the exception!
Affection up 8
Minds in sync... That's what it means, right?
Affection up 9
Commandant can always figure out what I want to do. That's indeed a tricky skill to me.
Affection up 10
As I expected, Commandant is the one who knows me best!
Affection up 11
I didn't know you were this smooth, Commandant. Now how should I repay you...
Affection up 12
Commandant has already become my inspiration activator, so you can't leave me again.
Idle 1
Commandant, it's not the right time to be an art model.
Idle 2
Has your attention flown away from me? Then, how about this smile?
Idle 3
You can't be that apathetic when you have me standing right in front of you, right?
Extended online time 1
Your face is getting stiff, Commandant. Please go get some rest, otherwise I'll draw it on my canvas.
Extended online time 2
Wow! You're as sluggish as the statue "The Thinking Construct". Please have a good rest!
Extended online time 3
Let's stop working and go somewhere to lift our moods!
Extended online time 4
I'm a bit tired too, Commandant. Let's do some stretches together!
Connection made 1
Did you come to be my audience today, Commandant?
Connection made 2
I'm going to turn this place into my art studio today, Commandant!
Connection made 3
I'm going to find some inspiration from you today, Commandant.
Connection made 4
Have you watched my interview show last night? Let me test you.
Extended offline time 1
Long time no see, Commandant. Come here and give me some inspirations!
Extended offline time 2
I thought you went to be someone else's art model.
Extended offline time 3
Are you willing to be my art model again? Photos are not nearly as good as you!
Shake 1
Waaa! The paintbrush is slipping from my hand!
Shake 2
Geez, the paint splashed out...
Shake 3
Stop messing around, Commandant!
Shake 4
Commandant, it's time for artistic creation... I'll let you do what you want later!
Quick tap 1
Hahaha! It's itchy!
Quick tap 2
Hmm? Do you like this, Commandant?
Quick tap 3
Hm? Are you acting affectionate, Commandant?
Quick tap 4
I see, so Commandant is interested in body art. There's no need to be shy. Let me paint your body!
Activity at max
Mission accomplished. How's it going. You feel alright?
Teammate returns
Be careful, don't let me take everyone's attention away!
Battle 1
I'm going to teach you a lesson!
Battle 2
What a stubborn stain!
Battle 3
The beauty of brokeness suits you well!
This is—the moment of art!
Ah, it slipped from my grasp.
I haven't... finished yet...
Knocked out
I've run out of ideas...
Be careful, don't let me take everyone's attention away!
Let me add one more stroke!
Battle over
I'm so happy that Commandant has taken it so seriously.
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