Bianca: Zero/Secrets

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Leader of the Purifying Force, elegant yet cold, always performing her orders to perfection. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Zero's Secret 1

Her hat is tied with a hidden band and does not fall off in battle.

Zero's Secret 2

Karenina makes her hair.

Zero's Secret 3

Feels that her chest cushion is too thick, especially compared to Karenina's.

Zero's Secret 4

Tends to lose focus from her chest button being undone.

Zero's Secret 5

Sometimes slips when landing from certain height.

Zero's Secret 6

The pattern of her socks reflects the cultured taste of the designer of her frame.

Zero's Secret 7

Makes the sign of the cross to pray before battle.

Zero's Secret 8

Has a devastating kick attack that she is reluctant to use.

Zero's Secret 9

Has ranked at the top of the "Female Construct that you want to date the most" list.

Zero's Secret 10

She is unaware of the list, however.

Zero's Secret 11

Rarely works with other commandants. The commandant of Gray Raven is an exception.

Zero's Secret 12

In battle, will consciously avoid the vitals when first aiming at enemies.

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