Note: This article is about the boss enemy. For the playable Camu, see Camu: Crocotta.



The incarnation of a certain Construct's will, brutal and swift in battle. Its great sword is often the first and last thing that its enemies see.

Camu is a major boss enemy introduced in Chapter 8.

Gameplay Information


Note: The following skill list includes all skills denoted in Camu's Phantom Pain Cage arsenal. However, this list does not necessarily encompass all of his attacks. See Combat Behavior for more information.

  • Scorched Earth: Bends the battlefield to his will, causing enemies on the battlefield to continuously take extra damage.
  • Berserk Quintuple Combo: Camu goes berserk, furiously attacking the enemy.
  • Block Counter: Camu counters the enemy's attack with his own.
  • Burst Charge: Camu pursues his enemy hit by the shockwave.
  • Phantom Hand: Camu grabs a distant enemy and pulls them towards him.
  • Explosive Escape: When attacked, Camu creates a shockwave that pushes away the enemy.
  • Quad Combo: Camu performs multiple attacks at an enemy.

Combat Behavior

Combat with this boss is generally unchanging. In any encounter with him, Camu will have access to most of his arsenal (with the notable exception of Berserk Quintuple Combo). He will utilize his Quad Combo skill as a form of basic attack.

Camu will frequently utilize his Block Counter skill the moment the player character begins an attack animation. If he successfully counters a melee attack, he will knock the character into the air. On higher difficulties, he will follow up this attack with a second horizontal swipe, knocking the character away. If Camu successfully counters a ranged attack, he will frequently follow his counter with Phantom Hand.

Camu will frequently use Explosive Escape to break out of stun-lock. This skill deals low damage, but it has very wide range and can be used at any time. If the player character is within melee range when Camu uses this skill, he will often follow it with Quad Combo. If the player character is at medium to long distance from Camu when he uses this skill, he will almost always follow it with either Phantom Hand or Burst Charge.
As he continues to take damage, it will become progressively more likely that he will use Explosive Escape; the likelihood of him using this attack is primarily based on number of hits as opposed to damage. Player characters whose attacks have high hit counts (such as Luna: Laurel) will find Camu using this skill excessively.

  • Note: The frequency of Camu using this skill currently varies between servers. In later client versions, Camu uses this skill slightly less often.

As the encounter progresses, Camu will eventually begin entering a berserk state. This is signaled by Camu using Explosive Escape twice in succession without prompt. While this state is active, Camu will gain Super Armor and will sprint towards his target, using Berserk Quintuple Combo when in melee range. He will also repeatedly use Phantom Hand and Burst Charge to close the distance between himself and his target, allowing him repeated use of his Berserk Quintuple Combo. After a while, Camu will exhaust himself, ending the berserk state's effects.