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Debuts in the Imprisoned Sight patch. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%



BPE-07 Chrome, Tank Construct. The second prototype Construct built under Babylonia's mid-term military Construct development plan. Has a special Inver-Device installed along with other specialized improvements in various aspects. This frame may enter a rapid overclock cooldown mode after running at the maximum power output.


"I believe this is a solid decision despite it being unconventional." Chrome often has to multi-task as both a fighter and field commander thanks to the specialized Inver-Device and unique duties of Strike Hawk.


The performance tuning of the new frame is completely determined by Chrome, except the Inver-Device, which was made in a stealth form in the early stage due to a request from John Smith.


The adaptation of the new frame had gone through incredible difficulties due to its uniqueness. After Chrome was critically injured in a battle against the Ascendant, he chose to deploy the new frame in advance and managed to stabilize the M.I.N.D. under the Gray Raven Commandant's help.


Compared to before, Chrome is now more determined and confident in his path. He may become a shield, a fortress, a flag, or a bridge, but most importantly a leader.


Once a "Chief" of F.O.S., he can somewhat relate to the commandant of Gray Raven as he understand the weight of duty as a leader. Trusts the commandant like a close friend but has not realized it.

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Character List
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