Hetero Explore Unit

Hetero Explore Unit

Enemy Specs

Model: Type Mθ-III045
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Military

Era of Manufacture: A bionic animal taken by superior Corrupted in the Reconquista Age. Crude in appearance and visibly corrupted by the virus.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level. It supports humans in completing various tasks.

Profile 1: Its body can rotate 360°, allowing it to attack at different angles.

Profile 2: Equipped with different weapons, it was used for terraforming and defensive operations.

Story 1: A robot produced in an infected train carriage. Large in size and slow in speed, it was originally an exploration module of the train. It has been given additional mobility modules after its core became corrupted. An Explore Unit is responsible for scanning the train's surrounding environment and any movements. It can also be shot out of a train's cannon to survey a faraway environment. The exploration data helps Repair Units to lay tracks.

Story 2: The rotund frame is designed to be shot out of train cannons. Arriving at the target location, it will transform and unfold its internal exploration instruments to survey the environment. The Explore Units on the train can transform directly to scan the train's surrounding environment and relay the data back to the master control program.

Enemy Traits
Melee, Charger

Gameplay Information


  • Leg Swing: Swings its front legs down at close range.
  • Leg Thrust: Thrusts its front legs forward at close range.
  • Drill Spin: Jumps into the air, then transforms itself into a horizontal drill with its legs pointing forwards. Spins forwards, dealing multiple hits to targets in its path, before finally spreading its legs outwards in a swipe motion, dealing heavy damage.
  • Barrier Spin: Spins its body parts in alternating orbits, generating a reflective barrier around itself that reflects ranged damage.
  • Cannon Shot: Opens an aperture in its main body and fires a short-ranged shrapnel shot at close range.
  • Mobility Mode: Form Change: Shifts its body into a mobile battering ram using its main spherical body as the form of locomotion.
  • Mobility Mode: Ram: Rushes its target from medium to long range, dealing heavy damage.
  • Mobility Mode: Laser: Fires a laser from its main body aperture, dealing multiple hits. The Hetero Explore Unit will spin wildly while firing.
  • Self-Destruct: Explodes, dealing heavy damage to all targets on the field regardless of distance. The Hetero Explore Unit will always cancel its current action to execute this attack once its HP falls below 20%. It is signaled by the enemy standing up straight and spinning in place with its main spherical body at its top.

Notes and Advice

Its Self-Destruct attack can be lethal. Players are advised to be ready to burst this enemy down once it begins the animation.

None of this enemy's attacks display range markers or attack paths. Players are advised to watch its motions closely and time their evasions accordingly.