Curtains and Canvases

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Ayla: Brilliance

Stage: The Beginning
Hint: Miranda walking towards Ferdinand and Caliban
Note: You may have to finish the 2nd combat stage again if you didn't unlock the hidden node on your first playthrough

  • Turn around and step on the elevated tile

step on this tile

it opens a path

  • Repeat with the other elevated tile further on
    • It's easy to spot and looks like the first one

step on the 2nd tile

press on

  • Wait for Miranda to join you once Ferdinand reaches Caliban

Miranda advances toward you

Miranda stops the fight

  • Re-enter the stage
  • Choose Miranda's side of the story and finish the stage again

choose Miranda's POV

Stage: The Letter

  • You will play as Miranda
  • You can help clearing out the small fry but make sure Ferdinand is the one to duel Caliban
    • Miranda has some defensive and healing skills to help Ferdinand
  • You succeed if Ferdinand wins the duel with Caliban

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