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Member of Gray Raven. Somewhat aloof in manner. Good at computers and machines, he is responsible for Gray Raven’s hardware and technical issues. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (60%) Fire (40%) 50%



Member of the Gray Raven, Attacker.
Expert in engineering. Wields dual guns in combat. Skilled at various firearms and finding enemy weakness, also good at construction and maintenance.


"Leave the Iso-Device to me."
Known for high intelligence and exceptional computing ability, with a data storage capacity far exceeding normal Constructs. Responsible for the setup of Iso-Devices and the maintenance of Gray Raven equipment.
Also familiar with Construct repair and maintenance.


"Perhaps your intelligence quotient is no worse than the average human."
Has a sharp and biting tongue that cuts to the heart of the matter, but seems to have a hard time conveying words of kindness and affection.
His intentions should be understood through action, not through words.


"Brother? Er... I'm not sure..."
Seems to have complicated thoughts about being called "brother."
Seems to be unconcerned about anything other than the mission at hand, but quietly watches everything that is going on.

He was injured when he put himself in harm's way to protect Liv from the Corrupted "Tifa".
Despite his unconcerned attitude, his care for his comrades is apparent.


"I'd like for you to live safe and sound. Just that."
Formerly the consciousness of the human Morian, he volunteered to join the Construct program as an experimental subject in order to save his brother.
His human heart now beats within his brother's chest.
His overall ability ranks at the top of his Construct class.


"Your little tricks will not work."
The seeds of corruption were planted when he put himself in harm's way to protect Liv from Tifa's attack. He almost fell to Tifa's control when they met again in battle, but Lee's preventive measures were able to save him and turn the tide.
A trustworthy and loyal Construct.

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