Lee - Celebration under the Moon/Backstory

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Lee - Celebration under the Moon's Backstory I

Before the coming of the celebratory day, Babylonia are making all efforts to prepare various materials and gifts to fill up the preparation room of Gray Raven. "Wrap it up! Commandant must love it!" Although he cannot understand why he has to do such meaningless things, Lee is still packing the gifts before the commandant arrives, with the celebration costumes draped around his shoulders.

Lee - Celebration under the Moon's Backstory II

"...Would you like one?" Lee passes you a cake made in Kowloong from the tray in his hand. Wait, why does it look a little familiar?

Lee - Celebration under the Moon's Backstory III

Standing in front of the snow-covered steps, he, as well as the Gray Raven, write down their New Year's Wishes on the Kongming Lantern.
-May the journey of the Gray Raven last forever.
"Although no evidence showed that a Kongming Lantern can help to fulfill one's wish, I felt happy when I wrote down my wish."

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