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Leeuwenhoek's Backstory I

Leeuwenhoek was one of Kurono's chief technicians back when he was alive. His primary fields of study included ultra-precision military manufacturing, as well as the design and improvement of internal vital circuits after Construct Tech was introduced. As Punishing Virus continued to wreak havoc, Leeuwenhoek was deeply concerned. He wanted to leave Kurono to fight for the mankind instead. Unfortunately, Kurono would never allow him to escape. On the night that Leeuwenhoek tried to leave the lab, a bolt soaked in neurotoxin struck his back...

Leeuwenhoek's Backstory II

Kurono retrieved Leeuwenhoek's body and made a backup of his memories before his brain activity completely stopped. The Memory Chip was then used to assist the artificial intelligence in research, but was later brought back to Babylonia by Asimov in an operation. Reborn as a Memory, Leeuwenhoek was finally able to fulfil his wish. His original Memory Chip was installed in Asimov's lab, while the authorized copies were also distributed to the Task Force to help them in tactical analysis and decision making. When Zu Wenyuan and Asimov had their arguments, Leeuwenhoek was sometimes seen mediating between them.

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