Liv: Lux/Secrets

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Liv has cut her hair as a statement of her strong will to return to the battlefield. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Lightning (80%) 50%


Lux's Secret 1

Sometimes practices cool-looking shooting poses while holding a levitator.

Lux's Secret 2

The hand-waving motion when attacking is purely cosmetic.

Lux's Secret 3

Wants to know how it feels to eat.

Lux's Secret 4

Sometimes feels that Lee is more childish than her.

Lux's Secret 5

Quietly turns on sound-cancelling when Kamui is making a ruckus.

Lux's Secret 6

The levitator is equipped with a supplemental camera and sensors.

Lux's Secret 7

Responsible for the team's logistics management and provision reports.

Lux's Secret 8

Aimed her Levi-Gun once at Karenina when Karenina tried to provoke Lucia.

Lux's Secret 9

Admires Watanabe's mature attitude.

Lux's Secret 10

Sometimes wishes she could stand alongside Lucia on the frontlines.

Lux's Secret 11

The signal orb skills of this frame were named by Liv herself.

Lux's Secret 12

Believes that the fewer the coating and equipment, the more mobile she is. To Liv, Lux is a frame for speed and rough terrain.

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