Liv: United/Backstory

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Liv: United's Backstory I

"Commandant, are you already here? Just one second... I made some cakes, hope you don't mind... Do you like them? Great!" The freshly baked cakes give an appetizing aroma, but there is something even sweeter than the delicious flavor.

Liv: United's Backstory II

"Commandant, look, the moon is so beautiful tonight." Liv cheerfully wanders in front. You have not seen her so happy for a long time. The calm, brilliant moonlight shines upon her, making her look like a fairy.
"Fairy...? I wanted to become one when I was a kid, but right now..."
Liv takes a breath in, then turns around and smiles.
"I want to stay here, with Commandant and everyone else."

Liv: United's Backstory III

"Thanks, Commandant. I had a great day. Hope times like this can last forever."
The Earth outside the window is still blue, but it is a home too far.
"Miss Ayla said people would return to their homeland and reunite with their family during festivals... One day, everyone ewill be able to go home. That's my wish, and also the wish of everyone in Babylonia."

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