Lucia: Crimson Abyss/Voice

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A mysterious enemy encountered by Gray Raven in City 015. Powerful yet mercurial. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Construct joins
Forced connection successful—I'll be keeping an eye on you from now on.
Level up (new)
Not bad. Continue.
Promote (new)
You're making me stronger... you should be careful.
Evolve (new)
You desire more power. I see... Humans.
Improve skill (new)
This move can still improve.
Equip weapon (new)
Whichever one works.
Add to team (new)
...Well then, I'll lend you my power.
Set as leader (new)
I'll show your Constructs how it's done!
Mission complete (new)
Babylonia sent some supplies over... Hmph, it'd better not be some trap.
General greeting 1 (new)
What are you expecting from me...?
General greeting 2 (new)
Are you sure? Getting in contact with me will only increase your risk of infection.
General greeting 3 (new)
I'll give you one advice—perform your best.
General greeting 4 (new)
Don't try your silly ways with the others on me.
General greeting 5 (new)
Are you trying to make me show some emotion? Your effort would be in vain.
General greeting 6 (new)
Don't touch my tail—the blade... You are just daft, aren't you...? Whatever.
General greeting 7 (new)
I liked this world, once.
General greeting 8 (new)
You gazed at the abyss. There's no turning back.
General greeting 9 (new)
Being an Ascendant does not bind me. What about you? Must you be bound by being a commandant?
General greeting 10 (new)
The past and future are pointless. There is only the present—the present, you, me. Got it?
General greeting 11 (new)
Why would an Ascendant kill the Corrupted? Because of you.
General greeting 12 (new)
When all have come to an end, at least let me...
Affection up 1 (new)
Are you hoping that I will be lenient?
Affection up 2 (new)
I don't need this anymore.
Affection up 3 (new)
Affection up 4 (new)
You should know full well what happens to the things that I touch.
Affection up 5 (new)
It's trivial, but I'll still take it.
Affection up 6 (new)
So you thought I'd like it...
Affection up 7 (new)
...You're thinking of something dangerous, aren't you?
Affection up 8 (new)
What you are thinking right now makes more sense than saving the Earth.
Affection up 9 (new)
Looks like you finally know which Lucia you should give more attention to.
Affection up 10 (new)
Next time, you only need to tell me things about yourself.
Affection up 11 (new)
Forget about her and those Constructs... You just need me, and only me.
Affection up 12 (new)
I can take you away if you've had enough of this child play. Just say the word.
Idle 1 (new)
...Not here? Fine.
Idle 2 (new)
You want me to hack this place to pieces?
Idle 3 (new)
Come out. It's not Babylonia break time yet, is it?
Idle 4 (new)
I've waited long enough. How long do you plan to keep me standing here?
Extended connection 1 (new)
What's so important that you're risking your life to disturb me?
Extended connection 2 (new)
I'm tired. Let's call it for today.
Extended connection 3 (new)
You are just like a machine... Don't you ever feel tired?
Extended connection 4 (new)
Still grinding at it this time of day? Well, I'm not stopping you.
Connection made 1 (new)
You'll get used to seeing me here, until—
Connection made 2 (new)
Let's continue our relationship.
Connection made 3 (new)
As an Ascendant, I don't have time to waste. Have you decided today's itinerary?
Connection made 4 (new)
You're finally here. Go destroy your enemies.
Connection made 5 (new)
How many days have we been meeting like this? You always look the same. Well, whatever.
Connection made 6 (new)
I have plenty of time. So you're staying here with me, until I say you can go.
Extended offline time 1 (new)
I have completely corrupted this place while you were away... Just joking.
Shake 1 (new)
...Try it again and you'll be in several pieces.
Shake 2 (new)
Tch. I hate these silly balance games.
Shake 3 (new)
Hardly a challenge. I can use my tail to support me.
Quick tap 1 (new)
Think you can hurt me this way?
Quick tap 2 (new)
Stop touching!
Quick tap 3 (new)
One day, you will regret it...
Activity at max (new)
Nothing left to do? Then go report to your higher-ups.
Battle starts (new)
Those who gaze upon me all fall into the abyss...
Battle 1 (new)
Lose yourself in the abyss...
Battle 2 (new)
Battle 3 (new)
Too slow.
Signature (new)
The flames of the abyss will end it all...
Injured (new)
Danger (new)
Finally, this is getting interesting.
Knocked out (new)
Assist (new)
I alone will be enough for this battlefield.
QTE (new)
Tell me your target.
Battle over (new)
How was that? Had enough of my power?
Mission complete 1
Mission has been completed. Let's return to HQ and claim the reward.
Mission complete 2
Mission has been completed. Do remember to claim the reward.
Mission complete 3
All missions give their corresponding rewards.
Mission complete 4
Do remember to return to HQ after completing a mission to claim the reward.
Mission complete 5
Have you claimed your mission reward yet, Commandant?
Mission complete 6
I think the mission rewards have arrived, Commandant.
Mission complete 7
The mission rewards have arrived, Commandant. Would you like to check?
Mission complete 8
...Why do I always have to remind you to claim your mission rewards?
Mission complete 9
Did you forget your mission reward again? Luckily, I'm here to remind you.
General greeting 1
...Morning. Get ready, quickly.
General greeting 2
Get enough rest. And be ready to fight this afternoon.
General greeting 3
Trouble sleeping? May as well keep fighting then.
General greeting 4
If you've got nothing on, we might as well go and fight, Commandant.
General greeting 5
Don't slack off. The mission isn't over.
General greeting 6
Why do you always find a need to sleep just before a battle?
General greeting 7
Fighting? Isn't that our only purpose?
General greeting 8
The battlefield will always be my home.
General greeting 9
Don't worry. I won't cause you trouble.
General greeting 10
You put on a brave face on things far more than me, don't you?
General greeting 11
Well, we're... okay, I guess.
General greeting 12
As long as we're together, I'll be fine.
General greeting 13
Don't worry. I'll protect you.
General greeting 14
Your will is mine. I will never go against them!
General greeting 15
I only fight for you.
General greeting 16
Our fates are linked. I'll never betray you. What about you?
Idle 1
Nose to the grindstone, Commandant.
Extended connection 1
Being online so long without rest... Are you ready to forsake your human shell?
Extended connection 2
Humans are not like us Constructs. Please don't risk your health.
Extended connection 3
I'm not going to let you stay connected for so long. It takes a heavy toll on your body, you know?
Connection made 1
Oh, it's you. I'm primed and ready for battle.
Connection made 2
Nice to see you. If you need anything, you know where to find me.
Connection made 3
You've been gone for a while, Commandant.
Extended offline time 1
So you're back.
Extended offline time 2
So you do remember.
Extended offline time 3
You've been gone for a long time...
Shake 1
I-is this some new form of training?
Shake 2
Are you trying to improve my reaction time?
Shake 3
Well, I won't fall over so easily,
Shake 4
Okay, okay...
Quick tap 1
Hm? What's happening to my joints?
Quick tap 2
This is...?
Quick tap 3
Ah...! You're always trying to surprise me when I'm spacing out.
Quick tap 4
If this is a display of your emotions, then allow me to also return it.
Activity at max
Well done, Commandant. You have already reached maximum Activity for today.
The battle's over... What's our next operation?
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