Lucia: Plume/Voice

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Babylonia developed this latest frame specifically for Lucia based on Gray Raven's experience and the data collected from Alpha. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


Construct joins
I am Lucia, and you're my commandant. That's all I need. Let's walk forth together, Commandant.
Level up
Getting used to the original memories isn't easy, but I'll try.
Experience is strength... I'll remember that.
The functions of this frame will be our first and final trump card.
Improve skill
I'll get used to this frame.
Equip weapon
I know you must be right, Commandant. I'll put this to good use.
Add to team
Let's go. Victory will be ours.
Set as leader
Understood. I'll lead the others just like before.
Mission complete
Judging from the previous logs, Babylonia should have rewards for you. Let's check it out, Commandant.
General greeting 1
My memories are a bit muddled... but it shouldn't affect the missions.
General greeting 2
The thruster behind is quite hard to pilot. Would turning it into wings be better?
General greeting 3
I might... act weird without realizing it. Please bear with me, Commandant.
General greeting 4
Gray Raven... I never thought I'd come to know a squad three times... Such a peculiar feeling.
General greeting 5
I have my past memories, but to become a part of the squad again... I still find it quite difficult.
General greeting 6
We are all Constructs with different personalities. I'm nowhere inferior to them, right?
General greeting 7
Everything will become memories... within my M.I.N.D.
General greeting 8
What am I doing? I am recording this moment. Please pay me no heed.
General greeting 9
If only peace would come faster, then we can go on a trip together.
General greeting 10
I did not change, neither did you, Commandant. It's only the ties between us that did.
General greeting 11
No matter how many times, I will always choose the same. I'll be by your side. That is our promise.
General greeting 12
Plumes are feathers that ravens shed mid-flight. They symbolize the history we share, and are the tokens of our cause. Do you like the current me, Commandant?
Affection up 1
Being with you helps me familiarize myself with my past.
Affection up 2
Thank you, Commandant.
Affection up 3
Let's try to return to our old relationship slowly, Commandant.
Affection up 4
Did the previous me like this?
Affection up 5
Calling each other by names... might be rushing things too much, but... Thank you Commandant.
Affection up 6
I think I'm growing to like this...
Affection up 7
I have my past memories in my M.I.N.D., but it'd be nice to experience it again... Ah, nothing, Commandant.
Affection up 8
I think I know why I... came to like this.
Affection up 9
I'll try to work harder than before. Please give me some time, Commandant.
Affection up 10
Tagging all my presents with dates is now my favorite pastime.
Affection up 11
Is this what they call love...? I won't ever, ever forget it again, Commandant.
Affection up 12
Can you hold hands with me? That's my most desired, most meaningful present.
Idle 1
Where did you go?
Idle 2
The old me should know where Commandant is...
Idle 3
Hide-and-seek? Commandant isn't one to do something so childish, I'll have to get the others for a search party...
Idle 4
Commandant, you won't lose your memories like I did, but... can you answer me something?
Extended connection 1
It's late now. Take a break from the missions, Commandant.
Extended connection 2
Commandant, you should go rest. Handle the rest of your work after you get some sleep.
Extended connection 3
That'll be it today. To fulfill our promise, you need enough rest.
Extended connection 4
I'll still be here when you wake up. So go take a rest, Commandant.
Connection made 1
Let's learn about this frame together, Commandant.
Connection made 2
I've been waiting for you, Commandant.
Connection made 3
I've been waiting, Commandant. Let's go.
Connection made 4
Good morning. We've been through a lot together unknowingly, Commandant.
Connection made 5
Should we try a new way of saying hello? I'm just joking, Commandant.
Connection made 6
You're here. I'll remember to be here on time for you.
Extended offline time 1
If you're going on a trip, can you bring me with you? I'll do anything, as long as I can be with you.
Shake 1
Ah... This is... you're trying to spook me? How should I react?
Shake 2
Um... the Plume model actually has flight capabilities, so this isn't really going to do anything.
Shake 3
Is it weight training of Babylonia?...
Quick tap 1
I don't dislike this, in fact... I think I can get myself to like this.
Quick tap 2
Only because it's you, Commandant, or I would have already cut that hand down.
Quick tap 3
I... think I need some time for mental preparation.
Activity at max
Gray Raven's performance will be recognized. Good work, Commandant.
Battle starts
I will be your wings, Commandant. Your orders, please.
Battle 1
Raven flash!
Battle 2
Take this!
Battle 3
Out of the way!
Be my blade, Plume!
Is this all I have...?
This isn't the end!
Knocked out
I won't forget. Ever.
Let me protect you.
I shall pave a path!
Battle over
If only this were the last, Commandant.
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