Mr. White

Mr. White

Enemy Specs

Model: ■■■■
Production Type: Mass-produced
Primary Use: Artistic

Era of Manufacture: Produced in the middle of the Golden Age, it started to be applied to different fields of work.

Intelligence Level: Low intelligence level, but equipped with multiple functions. Eager for power, it will modify itself with surrounding resources.

Profile 1: With a frame made out of lightweight materials and a pair of webbed feet, Mr. White is able to swim like a fish in the sea.

Profile 2: Visitors can pay Mr. White for a swimming lesson. He will never give in until one gets the hang of it.

Story 1: A customer service robot produced by Universal Toys in the middle of the Golden Age. In the Venus Splash Park, it acts as a lifeguard as well as a security guard in water park.

Story 2: Its name comes from a supporting actor in Springboard, a renowned movie of the Golden Age.

Enemy Traits