Purple Peony

- Purple Peony
- ★★★★★★

- Color Splash
- Extra DMG Bonus increases by 2% for 5s when dealing DMG to enemies with Super Armor. Can be stacked up to 3 times. Duration resets every time it is triggered. Stuns an enemy for 2s when breaking its Super Armor. 10s cooldown for the same target. Physical DMG increases by 15% for 7s when releasing Vector Cube. Duration resets every time it is triggered.

Signature Weapon belonging to Ayla: Brilliance.

Target Weapon Research Banner: All 6★ weapons are available for an 80% chance on the 30th pull. Two other "off-banner" weapons share its pool, and it is possible to pull one of those instead of the targeted weapon. Available permanently.


Weapon Data

When its blade cuts through a Corrupted, it will leave a thick layer of corrosive substance to corrode its armor rapidly. Once the substance penetrates the frame, it might even cause a temporary short circuit.

Weapon Backstory

A weapon designed by Ayla herself. You can already feel how much it hurts just by the design sketch alone.
- Weapon Designer N