Renaissant le Fantastique

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

A new level of character Awakening, [Superna Awaken] has been added.
  • Attaining [Superna Awaken] allows you to choose the color of the 3 Signal Orbs the character receives when entering battle. This option is not available for Roland: Flambeau due to his unique mechanics.
  • To attain [Superna Awaken], a character must fulfill two conditions:
    • Character level 80, BP equal or greater than 6,500.
    • Have 12 Hypertuned Resonances corresponding to the character.
6 new stages have been added to Border Pact
  • These stages can be challenged in any order.
  • Each of the 6 stages corresponds to a Memory placement slot.
  • Upon completing a stage, you may garrison a [Superna Awaken] character to activate its effect, which increases every character’s DMG by 1% for each Hypertuned Resonance they are equipping in the corresponding slot.
    • Example: When the effect of stage no. 4 is active, and the character is equipping a Memory with both Resonances Hypertuned in slot 4, they will receive +2% DMG boost.
New Mode: Dormitory Dispatch Missions
  • Dispatch your characters on missions to obtain pieces of Documents containing small bits of lore, and [Dispatch Certificates], which you can exchange with various rewards.
    • Notable rewards: Ayla: Kaleido’s Shards (up to 50), weapon coating blueprints (up to 10/month), Dorm avatars from previous events.
    • Note: Rewards from the [Dispatch Certificates] shop other than Ayla: Kaleido’s Shards and Dorm avatars are replenished every month.


  • The main lobby interface has been re-designed.
  • Some of the previous Battle Pass exclusive weapon coatings can now be exchanged with 20 weapon coating blueprints.

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