The Sister is a common raid boss enemy.

Gameplay Information


Note: The following skill list includes all skills listed in Sister's Codex page. However, this list does not necessarily encompass all of her attacks. See Combat Behavior for more detailed information.

  • Evangelism: Continuously deals damage in a circular area around self, and periodically bombard all enemies. Evangelism is cancelled if Sister takes heavy damage.
  • Martyrdom: Sister summons Martyrs to attack the enemy. Martyr continuously deals damage in a circular area around self.
  • Apocrypha: Sister triggers an energy explosion, dealing heavy damage in a large area.
  • Fanaticism: Greatly increases own speed.

Combat Behavior

Sister always begins attacking with a long range beam attack (in Co-op this targets a random player) immediately followed by a bombardment attack that creates an explosion at each player's location.

Afterwards she will start using random moves from the ones listed above, excluding Evangelism but including an unlisted 3-hit melee combo and the beam attack she uses at the start of the fight.

Evangelism is instead performed when she drops to 21 health bars. She will then fly to the center of the arena and create a damaging zone that hits everyone outside a certain range. During this state she will periodically drop bombardments on all players and perform radial shockwaves. This move is interrupted by dealing enough damage, otherwise it ends by itself after around 30 seconds.

Combat Tips

  • The damage of her bombardment is significant and can overlap.
  • The Martyr will follow a random player once summoned. Bringing it closer to the boss will make sure the other players can help kill it while also damaging the boss.
  • Dodging Apocrypha can be quite challeging, so saving signature moves or moves with damage negation for this attack is recommended. Additionally, the channeling time is always around 3 seconds.