Surviving Glimmer

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

Mode-exclusive skills have been implemented in Simulated Siege. Before entering a stage, you must choose between two skill categories, [Linked Tactics] and [Solo Tactics].
  • [Linked Tactics] maximizes the impact of the strategy of quickly swapping characters in and out, while [Solo Tactics] enhances the effects of QTEs.
  • Each category contains 7 skills: 1 fixed skill, which will be always active when the category is selected; 6 regular skills, from which you can choose any 3 to activate.
  • Chapters 16, 17, and 18 have been added to Strongholds.


  • The maximum no. of Skill Points you can hold at once has been increased.
  • More enemies have been added to Data Simulations.
  • Shop - Voucher Exchange now displays the time remaining until the next inventory refresh.
  • The [Members - Skill] UI is modified. Additionally, all characters' skill descriptions go through a formatting revamp, enabling a smoother and less cluttered reading experience.
  • The Ascension tutorial can now be directly accessed from the Ascension interface.
  • A shortcut that allows you to quickly add artworks to the list of your custom loading screens has been added to the Codex.