The Last Spark

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Global Patch Notes

The Last Spark Overview




Official Patch Notes


November 17th 2022, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC)




1. New Character

1) Vera: Garnet

Info: S-Rank, Lightning & Physical, Tank

  • 100% rate up in [Themed Construct Research] and [Fate Themed Construct Research] during 11/18/22, 08:00 - 12/16/22, 07:59 (UTC)

2. New 6★ Weapon

1) Phoenix (6★, Vera: Garnet Exclusive)

Weapon Skill:

  • Lightning DMG increases by 15%. Victorious War Flag and Signature Move Shining Piercer can create another stack of Electric Charge. When Victorious War Flag is on the field, deploying Vera: Garnet will consume all of Electric Charge to cast Lightning Fall. Create another stack of Electric Charge afterward.
  • 80% rate up in [Target Weapon Research] since 11/18/22, 08:00 (UTC).

3. New CUB

1) Seeshell (A-Rank, Area, Freeze)

CUB features: As a CUB designed to assist Ice DMG Constructs, Seeshell is capable of launching a barrage of grenades at enemies to slow them down while dealing damage.

  • Recommended to pair Seeshell with Ice DMG Constructs as partners.

4. New Character Coatings

1) Sorrowful Rose (Vera: Garnet Exclusive)

Duration: 11/18/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 68 RC (30% off)
  • The coating Sorrowful Rose will enter the regular Coating Shop (Coating: Rainbow Card/Blueprint) in the future.

2) Dance of Ripplets (Lucia: Plume Exclusive)

Duration: 11/18/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Available in Endless Summer Blue special research.
  • The coating Dance of Ripplets will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

3) Aria of Nymph (Selena: Tempest Exclusive)

Duration: 11/17/22, 02:00 – 12/22/22, 01:59 (UTC)
  • Event reward of new major game mode Deep Blue Warzone.
  • The coating Aria of Nymph will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

4) Beach Frolics (Nanami: Pulse Exclusive)

Duration: 12/3/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 168 RC (30% off)
  • The coating Beach Frolics will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

5. New Weapon Coatings

1) Bonescale Blade (Katana coating)

Duration: 11/18/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Available in Endless Summer Blue special research.
  • The weapon coating Bonescale Blade will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.

2) Shark Fang (Saw coating)

Duration: 12/3/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Price: 28 RC (30% off)
  • The weapon coating Shark Fang will NOT enter the regular Coating Shop in the future.


1. Chapter 15: The Last Spark

Event Duration: 11/17/22 (after maintenance) – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Throughout the Golden Age, multiple zero-point reactor facilities were secretly built to research the potential of zero-point energy. However, before humanity can gain any benefit from this Pandora’s box, the Punishing outbreak happened. Overwhelmed by the catastrophe, the outside world lost connection to the facilities, one of which being “Atlantis” located in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • In an attempt to retrieve any information inside the facility, you and Vera of the Cerberus are secretly tasked with investigating the long-lost seaborne metropolis. To your surprise, Punishing Virus is nowhere to be found on the site, so is any sign of life. What happened in here to have made this place a flawless graveyard?

2. Interlude: In the Name of a Hero

Duration: 11/17/22 (after maintenance) – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Mind Recalling has always been a lie, but that’s not known to average Constructs of Babylonia, just like no one can return to tell the story of afterlife. As a part of the Mind Recalling propaganda, “The Undying Loy” is a symbol of the Recall technology. People tend to believe he can always return no matter how dire of a battle he must go through, and he can always lead the way with the banner spear in hand. What would happen if this false “Hero” meet “The Redheaded Death?”


1. Atlantis Lost

Duration: 11/17/22 (after maintenance) – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Atlantis has 5 sessions, each session has a different opening time and comes with 2 stages that drop [Cup Noodle] and Memories. Commandants may clear the stages repeatedly to obtain stage EXP that can upgrade the Authority Level (Authority Level: grants stats bonuses that only apply to Atlantis Lost stages).

2. Event Shop: Kyaranta Storage

Duration: 11/17/22 (after maintenance) – 12/22/22, 01:59 (UTC)
  • Use event token [Cup Noodle] to redeem rewards in the Kyaranta Storage.
  • New 6★ Memory set: Tifa.
  • Other materials include: Military-Grade Bionic Dog (Vera’s favorite gift), basic training and enhancing materials, CUB training materials, 6★ Memory Shards.

3. Deep Blue Warzone

Duration: 11/17/22, 02:00 – 12/22/22, 01:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥52
  • Deep Blue Warzone offers a brand new RPG experience featuring dozens of Add-ons to enhance your characters!
  • The game mode consists of 5 districts that will be unlocked over time. Each district has multiple one-off [Target Stages] and one [Infinite Abyss]. Clear Infinite Abyss repeatedly to loot various Add-ons to significantly enhance your characters, then consume the Add-on to challenge the Target Stages to obtain [Data Track] as a reward.
  • Use Data Track to redeem abundant rewards in [Tactical Supply], the SFX coating Aria of Nymph for Selena: Tempest is waiting for you as the final prize!

4. Warrior’s Triumph

Duration: 11/18/22, 08:00 – 12/16/22, 07:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Vera: Garnet trial stage for you to learn the basic maneuver and mechanics of the new frame. Clearing the [Bloodbath] challenge stage will also reward you with basic training and enhancing materials, as well as a limited collectible [Combat Dagger].

5. Endless Summer Blue

Duration: 11/18/22, 08:00 – 12/21/22, 07:59 (UTC)
  • Trial stages for you to get a glimpse of the new summer-themed coatings. The trial stage of Dance of Ripplets for Lucia: Plume is also featured with a short story, revealing the origin of this gorgeous attire.

6. Norman Revival Plan

Duration: 11/23/22, 07:00 – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥60
  • Norman Revival Plan is a challenging game mode. Each session consists of three phases and lasts 14 days. You will enter the Combat Phase when any stage is cleared during the first 4 days (or automatically after the first 4 days).
  • Multiple teams will be deployed simultaneously. Proceed to clear various stages to earn Autonomous Miners and Tantalum Ores. Upon daily refresh, Autonomous Miners produce Tantalum Ores and increase the current amount by 50%.
  • You can exchange the Tantalum Ores for rewards including [Booster Structural Part] in the shop. Finishing missions for each session will also reward you with 6★ Weapon Resonance Shards, Black Cards, Hypertune Crystals, CUB training materials and more!

7. Babel Tower: Maelstrom

Duration: 11/24/22, 07:00 – 12/9/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥60
  • Maelstrom has 3 stages, each containing 3 teams and 5 levels of difficulty for you to choose from. Challenge the stages to increase your Strategic Level. Reaching certain Strategic Levels may unlock event rewards including Black Cards, 6★ Memory Shards, Medals, basic training and enhancing materials and CUB training materials.
  • A ranking based on your total Strategic Level will also be available for those who would like to compete with fellow commandants. (No extra reward)

8. Tales of the Sunken City

Duration: 12/1/22, 07:00 – 12/8/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Challenging game mode featuring 10 stages with progressive difficulty. Use your own characters to complete the special missions within each stage. Completing the missions will grant you powerful buffs, whereas a failure will result in enemies going Overload faster.

9. Into the Deep

Duration: 12/7/22, 07:00 – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Into the Deep features various stages that will be unlocked over time. Challenge the stages with trial of your own characters. Activate powerful buffs with miscellaneous Add-ons to assist you in battle of Rank Challenges!
  • Clear the stages to obtain Black Cards as rewards. Completing the Challenge Mode will also reward you with a limited collectible.

10. Midsummer's Memorial Day

Duration: 12/14/22, 07:00 – 12/21/22, 06:59 (UTC)
Requirement: Commandant Lv.≥40
  • Midsummer's Memorial Day is a leisure Co-op game mode in which you collaborate or compete with fellow commandants for better photos.
  • Find the position of the Kuroro camera and occupy the best spot for photos. The closer you are to the camera, the higher score you will get. Meanwhile, obstructing other players by attacking them will grant you extra scores.
  • Finish daily missions to obtain various rewards!


1. System Optimization & Fixes

1. Added [Blacklist] feature. You may now add players to blacklist by using the Blacklist button on player profile. Once added, you will no longer receive messages from the player, nor can you co-op with them.
2. Added new missions to the Mission page. You may view the new missions in [Mission] - [Event].
3. Added 2 [Progress] weekly reward milestones to both [Advanced] and [Ultimate] zone of Phantom Pain Cage. Reach the new milestones to obtain Black Cards, CUB training materials and Skill Points as rewards.
4. Optimized the UI of Phantom Pain Cage Shop. Inver-Shard of S-Rank Constructs and A-Rank Constructs are now displayed separately. Removed auto-refresh timer.
5. Optimized the display for [Cross-check] node in Operation Guardians. The node will now be revealed by default upon weekly refresh.
6. Optimized the textual note of weekly gifts in Guide system when the instructor does not have any student.
7. Optimized the battle performance of the CUB Frost Oath.
8. Optimized the UI of [Combine] page in CUB system.
9. Optimized coating unlock feature. New coatings will now be automatically swapped upon unlocking.
10. Optimized [Craft] feature in Dorm system. You may now produce Floor, Wall, and Ceiling in batches.

2. Character Optimization

1. Optimized the display performance of Basic Attack button when No.21: XXI releases a Signature Move.
2. Fixed the issue that No.21: XXI sometimes can not perform an Instant Dodge when equipped with 4 pieces of Hanna Memories.
3. Optimized the appearance and partial movement animations of Chrome: Glory.
4. Fixed the issue that Chrome: Glory’s Glorious Shield not displaying properly after being revived. (Display problem, does not affect character performance.)
5. Fixed the issue that the effects of partial Memories not buffing Signature Move properly when equipped by Chrome: Glory.
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