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Unimate's Backstory I

Ever since he was born, Unimate had been working like a perpetual motion machine to research the "unknown" territory with the tools of rationality and logic. Unable to understand Unimate's endless passion, people thought he was nothing but a crazy talent. Unimate had no complaints about it. In fact, he was pretty happy. Under the madness, electric arcs were woven into souls, the jubilance of things that were not supposed to be eliminated.
However, the outbreak of the Punishing Virus launched him into the abyss. In the last few minutes of his life, Unimate touched his unfinished heart for the very last time, stepped into the fire, and destroyed himself.

Unimate's Backstory II

On the scorched chest, obsolete gear lies quietly in the center like a heart. Underneath is a chip that is still functioning miraculously.
No one knows where the Unimate Memory came from. They only know that Unimate was a short-lived talent that shouldn't have been taken away by the ridiculous virus. Someone got him out of his body and placed him into this broken machine. Who is the one behind this?

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