A restoration of the guardians of a lost desert civilization, they are able to move swiftly in sand, tearing apart any creature who enters the desert without permission.

Vassago is a boss enemy introduced in Chapter 4.

Gameplay Information


Note: The following skill list includes all skills denoted in Vassago's Phantom Pain Cage arsenal. However, this list does not necessarily encompass all of its attacks. See Combat Behavior for more information.

  • Scorched Earth: Bends the battlefield to his will, causing enemies on the battlefield to continuously take extra damage.
  • Sandstorm: Charges energy to create a sandstorm that continually deals damage.
  • Air Blast/Furious Air Blast: Fires an energy blast mixed with sand at an enemy./Fires multiple energy blasts at the enemy.
  • Furious Smash: Smashes the ground multiple times at the enemy.
  • Dig: Dig underground, then emerges to deal heavy damage.

Combat Behavior

Combat with Vassago is relatively straightforward.

Vassago will primarily rely on Smash (an unlisted skill) and Furious Smash at close range, while utilizing Air Blast and/or Furious Air Blast when its target is out of its melee range*. It will also randomly use its Dig skill to interrupt any given attack cycle. After any instance of it using Furious Smash or Furious Air Blast, it will temporarily collapse, leaving it exposed to damage. Shortly after collapsing, it will slide into the ground and use its Dig skill.

  • Furious Smash is a copy of Smash, but executed five times in quick succession.
  • Furious Air Blast is a copy of Air Blast, but executed three times in succession.
  • *Vassago will occasionally initiate a Furious Air Blast even when its target is in melee range.

At lower HP thresholds, it will begin using Sandstorm at the beginning of its attack cycle immediately after returning to the battlefield at the end of its Dig skill. This wide area-of-effect attack begins dealing damage instantly and cannot be negated by evading. Players are advised to either utilize invincibility actions or move away from Vassago to mitigate damage.