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Debuts in the Echo Aria patch. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Supporter · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%



BPE-47, Wanshi, Strike Hawk Construct. Has a background in Construct maintenance, but also proficient in human medical science. Renowned for his highly accurate and efficient multi-task medical support. Evidence has shown that Wanshi's presence reduces the team's mission injury by 80 percentage points on average.


"The sober world doesn't seem so bad with you around." Wanshi has witnessed too many secrets and knows the consequences too well. This leads to him being very casual in many situations, but also causes misunderstanding often.


Wanshi found it difficult to accept the greater goal of mankind due to some secrets that were purposely concealed by Star of Life. This was part of the reason that he gave up the career in Star of Life and chose to become a Construct instead. He finally found what he could and wanted to do in the Task Force.


"No medical disturbance!" Wanshi is great at handling conflicts, both medically and socially, and often acts as a mediator. However, if the conflict roots from himself, he often chooses to take a step back.


"Sigh, that felt so exhausting." Never sitting when he can lie down, Wanshi always prefers the most effective and cost-efficient solution, both in battle and in life. However, if his companions are in danger, he would not hesitate to choose an action that completely contradicts this principle.


Wanshi's outstanding abilities are often concealed by his laid-back attitude. Nobody wants to be Wanshi's enemy when he gets serious. He is often assigned more dangerous missions, and therefore knows a great number of secrets.

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