Zu Wenyuan/Backstory

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Zu Wenyuan's Backstory I

When Zu Wenyuan was alive, he served as the supreme leader of Fuxi crew, a branch of Kowloong Chamber of Commerce. His main areas of expertise include astronomy and mathematics, and he was the first to ever observe superluminal travel beyond the Milky Way. His mechanical knowledge also led to the creation of the prototypes of Musashi and Prime, and subsequently the East Asian style of mechanoids. He also left many mechanical upgrade plans that were way ahead of his time, but before he was able to implement them, he died in a liquid nitrogen leak caused by an "accident". It was said that the Observatory located within Kowloong Corp was also built using one of his early designs.

Zu Wenyuan's Backstory II

Zu Wenyuan's memory was later recycled by the Science Council and made into a Memory Chip. He never talked about his past death in this new form, but chose to focus on a secret research, as if he was trying to prevent something from happening. Even Asimov was overwhelmed by the vast amount of data presented by Zu, and could not discover the real nature of this research, which led to frequent quarrels.

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