Buying Official PGR Merchandise From Taobao



  • Taobao App
    • Since 2023, multiple international users have reported that it is no longer possible to make payments on the PC version of Taobao. You can resolve this problem by using the Taobao app. You may still use the PC version to browse and add items to the cart.
    • There are several features exclusive to the mobile app, such as the membership program for Kurometheus Flagship Store. See the Extra tab for more details.
  • Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, or JCB)
  • Alipay App (optional but strongly recommended)
    • The surest way to prevent your account from being frozen is to bind your Taobao account to a verified Alipay account. If you have not created a Taobao account yet, you can also do this by making and verifying an Alipay account first then using it to log in to Taobao.

Taobao Account Registration


If the buyer is not logged in to Taobao, they will only be able to see a limited catalogue of seller’s goods. Registering for Taobao requires a mobile phone number for verification.
Step 1: Access and click 免费注册 (register for free) on the top left of the page.
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Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number, then click “Request Verification Code.” Enter the verification code.

  • Note: Click “English” on the top right of the page to display the registration page in English.

Step 3: Once you have completed verification, fill out account information and click “Submit.”

My Account Keeps Getting Frozen

Many international users report Taobao freezing their account with the message, “非常抱歉!您的账户存在严重违规情况,已作“冻结”账户处理。详细请参见这里 (We are sorry! We detected a serious violation of our rules in your account and "froze" it. Please see here for more details).” The reason behind the ban is not always clear, as Taobao sometimes freezes accounts immediately after their creation.
Nonetheless, we recommend users to avoid common behaviors that Taobao can potentially flag as suspicious activities, such as using a VPN or logging in with a single account on multiple devices.
The surest way to prevent an account ban is to bind your Taobao account to a verified Alipay account. Since Alibaba Group owns Taobao and Alipay, buyers can use one account to access both services. However, real-name verification for Alipay requires the user to submit their personal information and a picture of their passport. For those uncomfortable with this, we recommend using a shopping agent instead.

If you have not created a Taobao account yet:
Step 1: Download the Alipay app and create an account. Follow this guide to sign up and verify the account.
Step 2: Download and open the Taobao app. Tap 注册 (register).
Step 3: At the bottom of the screen, tap 支付宝快捷登录 (quick log-in using Alipay) next to the blue Alipay icon.
Step 4: Log in to Taobao using your Alipay account. ‎