The Dorm is a simulated housing system for Constructs and Transcendants. It is unlocked after completing Main Story stage 4-2 Deduction on Normal.

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Dorm Overview

The Dorm is comprised of individual dormitories. Each dormitory can contain up to three tenants. The player can also decorate any given dormitory using decor (furniture) items using Decor Coins earned by assigning Chores to tenant characters.

Dormitory 1 is unlocked by default when the player first gains access to the Dorm. Subsequent dormitories can be unlocked through the use of Residence Permits from the Dorm Shop.

Character & Decor Stats

Any given decor item possesses three cosmetic stats: Beauty (red), Comfort (yellow), and Utility (blue). When placed in a dormitory, all of the item's stats are added to a cumulative sum for that particular dormitory. The dormitory's highest stat will be displayed in the main Dorm overview interface.

Characters in the Dorm have Stamina and Mood stats. Stamina serves as an action-point system and is consumed whenever Chores are assigned to the character. Mood is a gauge that represents how emotionally satisfied the character is; maintaining high Mood increases the frequency of the character giving gifts to the player (see Dorm Events section for more information).

Additionally, characters also possess two stat preferences, denoted as liked and favored stats. Placing a character in a dormitory whose highest stats align with their stat preferences will provide bonuses to the character's Stamina and Mood recovery. These preferences vary per individual tenant character and can vary per frame (e.g. Liv: Eclipse and Liv: Lux do not share the same stat preferences)!

Dorm Events

Characters placed in a dormitory will occasionally trigger a Dorm Event. The frequency by which this happens is dependent on their Mood.

Dorm Events take different forms and can be identified by a symbol above the character's head.

  • Brush symbol: The character would like to be patted. Patting them will resolve the event. (Note: A full pat is not required for resolution.)
  • Couch symbol: The character would like to sit down. Tap, hold, and drag the character to the nearest couch-type decor to resolve this event. (Note: Small chairs are insufficient for this event.)
  • Bed symbol: The character would like to lay down. Tap, hold, and drag the character to the nearest bed-type decor to resolve this event.
  • Shelf/Cabinet symbol: The character has lost something and would like assistance looking for it. Tap, hold, and drag the character to the nearest shelf- or cabinet-type decor to resolve this event.
  • Small blue triangle: The character has something they would like to say to the player. Tapping them once will initiate a short dialogue and resolve the event. Occasionally, upon resolving this event, the character will give a gift to the player. The gift will either be 1x Fine Gift Box or 1x Dorm Coin.

Building & Modifying Decor

From the main Dorm overview interface, tapping the Build button in the bottom-left corner will allow the user to select different types of decor to construct. The player will be able to choose between the different decor types (Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Large, Small, Accessory, and Divider), and then further be able to select how the item's three main stats will be aligned.

When crafting a decor item, a minimum of 3 stat points must be assigned for the item to become buildable, while a maximum of 10 points can be assigned to increase its stat yield. For every single point assigned, one Decor Coin is consumed upon successfully crafting the item. Once building has begun, the item will undergo a construction period before the player can retrieve it. It is during this construction period that the item's stats are randomized (with respect to the stat alignment assigned before construction). Item stats will then be given grades of C, B, A, and S based on the numerical outcome once the item is retrieved by the player.

Decor items can also be modified into newer, enhanced items with substantially higher stats. Modification can be performed through the Build menu; this will consume one decor item already in the player's possession along with one relevant blueprint. Blueprints are predominantly acquired via purchase in the Dorm Shop, although they can also be acquired through events, campaigns, and more.

Dorm Shop

The Dorm Shop contains a variety of useful items for the player to purchase. Depending on the product, items can be exchanged with Decor Coins, Dorm Coins, or Black Cards.

Dorm Coin Shop

Residence Permit

Coating Sketch

Precious Gift Box

Fine Gift Box

Normal Gift Box