War Zone


War Zone is a game mode where users can battle endless hordes of Corrupted for ranked scoring.

War Zone Overview

In War Zone, Commandants deploy teams of their choice in two of five available elementally-themed regions (also known as weathers). Each region possesses three stages for the user to clear; clearing these stages will earn the user a score. Stage entry in this mode is unlimited and costs no serum.

Users in this mode will be grouped together in teams of three with two other Commandants. The team's collective score will contribute to their placement on a ranked, competitive leaderboard.

War Zone operates on a biweekly cycle, with each cycle being separated into three major phases: Recruitment, Battle, and Results.


During this phase. users have the option to form teams with other Commandants of their own choice. If no action is taken during this phase, the user will be placed in a team with two random other Commandants.

  • PGR GLOBAL: Recruitment begins every Sunday and Wednesday at 20:30 UTC.


This is the main phase. Users can freely enter any of the available battle stages during this time.

  • PGR GLOBAL: The Battle Phase commences every Monday and Thursday at 07:00 UTC.


Eventually, all currently opened War Zone stages will lock and the system will begin tallying scores. During this time, no action is required from the user.

  • PGR GLOBAL: Tallying begins every Sunday and Wednesday at 20:00 UTC.

Stage Environment

There are five War Zone regions in total. During each cycle, two regions, or weathers, will randomly become available for the user to challenge. However, by default, both of these weathers will be locked; the user must choose one to unlock before gaining entry to its stages. This unlocking process is limited to one per day.

Each of the five weathers has different elemental properties. Constructs or Transcendants deployed in these regions will deal 30% more of the corresponding elemental damage type. Note that this bonus has no effect on Constructs or Transcendants that do not deal the corresponding damage type (e.g. Karenina: Ember will deal 30% more Fire damage in the Cycle of Fire stages, while Kamui: Tenebrion will gain no effect in the same weather).

  • Machine Factory: Increase Physical DMG by 30%
  • Cycle of Fire: Increase Fire DMG by 30%
  • Laser Alloy: Increase Lightning DMG by 30%
  • Shadow Forest: Increase Dark DMG by 30%
  • Crimson: Increase Ice DMG by 30%

Stage Areas

Each weather has three stages for the user to challenge.

Area 1

The maximum score in this stage is 10,000. Clearing the stage will earn the user this score by default. It is possible to skip the combat phase and earn the maximum score automatically on subsequent clears if the user reached the maximum score at least once.

Area 2

The maximum score in this stage is 20,000. Clearing the stage will earn the user this score by default. Note that this stage inflicts a steady bleed effect to all deployed Constructs or Transcendants that bypasses invincibility (such as the protective effect of Nanami: Storm's signature skill). It is possible to skip the combat phase and earn the maximum score automatically on subsequent clears if the user reached the maximum score at least once.

Area 3

This stage does not have a maximum score and the bleed effect encountered in the previous stage is removed. Instead, users will have two minutes to defeat as many Corrupted as possible. Enemies will be grouped into waves, with each wave possessing a small number of weak Corrupted and one medium-strength Corrupted. At later wave counts, the user will encounter a single, randomized boss enemy.

War Zone Influence

War Zone Influence is a currency used to purchase Memories from the War Shop. It is rewarded based on the user's individual score (not the user's team score!) at the end of any given War Zone cycle.

In this shop, both 5☆ and 6☆ Memories can be purchased. Randomized selections of different Memories in different equipment grid placements will appear here; this selection of Memories will rotate at the beginning of every new biweekly cycle.

Tip for Quick Weeklies

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to clear all War Zone-related Weekly Missions as quick as possible, the below strategy may be utilized.

  • Make sure the very first War Zone Area (Area 1) is uncleared.
  • Form a party that contains only your single weakest character.
  • Start Area 1's battle and let the enemies defeat you. DO NOT defeat ANY enemies! Defeating enemies earns the user a score, but as this strategy will only work if the user does not earn a score, it is necessary that the user ensures that all of them remain alive.
  • Repeat this 9 times.
  • Afterwards, clear all three Areas as you normally would with your more powerful team(s).