Babel Tower


Babel Tower is a challenging event-based mode that pits the player against a lineup of powerful enemies at varying difficulties for ranked scoring.

Babel Tower Overview

Babel Tower's primary structure consists of three different enemy rosters, each having five separate difficulties, or floors.

Each floor, when completed, will lock-in the team that was deployed there. The Omniframes or Uniframes in question will henceforth become unusable for the remaining floors. The player can choose to unlock that floor and free up said team, but this will also forfeit the floor; the player will need to clear the floor again in order to proceed.

For each floor, an array of buffs can be chosen from to apply to both the player's team as well as the boss encountered. Applying buffs to the boss increases the difficulty rating of that floor, and by consequence will increase the player's score (Strategy Points) upon clearing.

Each array of enemies encountered will, much like bosses in Phantom Pain Cage, possess weaknesses and resistances. Note that enemy weaknesses and resistances may -- and often do -- differ from their Pain Cage counterparts