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From GRAY RAVENS: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! We’ve really enjoyed following your work on Twitter and reading your posts. We’re honored to speak with such a skilled and active artist in the gaming industry!

Tell us a little about your career. Why did you pursue character design and what have you worked on in the past?

My work used to be something that was unrelated to drawing. I was a programmer and wanted to make a video game because I liked games. However, there was no one who would draw the art for my game, so I did it myself. Before I knew it, I had been working as an artist for seven years.
In 2009, I had to step down from drawing because of health issues. Nier: Gestalt / Replicant was the last game I worked on before I quit drawing. I then returned to the job in 2021 by designing Bambinata for Punishing: Gray Raven.

How did you get involved with Kuro Games and PGR?

It was a work introduced to me by an agent at Netease. I felt at ease accepting the job knowing that PGR collaborated with Nier.

How much did you know about PGR and Bambinata when you got started on the design?

Kuro Games was very kind to provide me with the details regarding her character, so it was not difficult at all to design her.

Were you also involved in creating Bambinata's lore (including her personality, weapon type, fighting style, etc.) other than her appearance? If so, which parts?

I was only involved with designing her appearance. The people who created Bambinata are the developers at Kuro Games, not me.
Thanks to the effort and affection of the developers, it was possible for Bambinata to be loved by the players.

On Twitter, you shared a prototype design of Bambinata wearing a white dress with a strange structure on her hands. Can you tell us more about this early design and why it changed?

Because Bambinata and Liv used to be under the same commandant, at first I designed her to resemble Liv – a small Liv, if you will. However, I ended up changing the direction because it turned out to be too similar to Liv’s childhood appearance.
This happened because I hadn’t played Liv’s Interlude yet at the time.

Bambinata bears a resemblance to some of your previous character designs. Can you tell us about what inspiration you drew from?

Well, I did think that it would be nice if the characters of PGR and Nier could be friends with each other, since the latter are visiting the world of PGR.

Did you face any difficulties when designing Bambinata? How did you overcome said difficulties?

Not at all. Kuro Games was very kind towards me, and it was very easy to work with them.

Are there any "easter-egg"-like interesting details you included in Bambinata's design?

There’s nothing that could be considered an “easter egg” that I have included. I should not push something onto the players or hide something in the design – so that Bambinata can be exactly as what the people who treasure her think her to be.
Still, she ended up having the same nickname as Kaine: Mochi Donut (ポン・デ・リング). I’m sorry about that.

Bambinata’s design includes both cute and grotesque features. This seems to be a common theme throughout your work beyond PGR. Could you share more about your approach regarding your depiction of the human form?

Before I stepped down from work, I was known for my involvement in the film CASSHERN [1]. Because of this, all the subsequent jobs I was commissioned ended up having to do with works that were somewhat odd. It was to match the works I participated in and has nothing to do with my own intention or preference.
I actually don’t like things that are painful, sad, or frightening but nonetheless I tried my best every time.

In the story, Vanessa picks out what Bambinata wears. If Bambinata could choose her own outfit, what would she choose to wear?

I’m sorry, this is merely my personal opinion. But even if Bambinata could choose her own clothes, she would still wear what Vanessa picked out for her.

You’ve drawn several pictures of other PGR characters. Other than Bambinata, who is your favorite and why?

I like them all equally.

Have you played PGR as Bambinata? If so, what was your experience playing her, as her designer?

Bambinata is a character whom I hope other creators who are involved in making video games could try playing as.
I was very touched by the developers’ efforts and affection put into Bambinata.

A Message From D.K.

Thank you very much for getting in touch with me for the interview. I am always grateful for your support that allows everyone to love PGR even more.

このたびお話を頂き誠にありがとうございます 、皆様がパニシング:グレイレイヴンをもっと愛して下さるように支えて下さっていつも感謝しております。

Thank you. Because of you, the characters can be loved even more.