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List of CUBs

Combat Unit Boosters are a feature that was added in the Echo Aria patch.

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A-Rank Support Units / S-Rank Support Units

A-Rank Support Units

Support Unit Type Ability

Yuan Ye
Stun Yuan Ye will charge towards the target, dealing damage and striking the target again for AOE damage, stunning the target.

Super Armor Noctua will fly around the character once, dealing damage and leaving behind a Detonation Mark, dealing damage when it explodes. Gains Super Armor during the activation and a shield.

Area, Freeze Seeshell will open its shell and launch a grenade from its turret. After launching a grenade, there is a chance of firing another grenade afterwards; this can loop up to a maximum of 9 times. Each grenade deals AOE damage and will slow the enemy. Hitting an enemy again will renew the slow duration.

Damage Lingya will shoot an electric ball that flies in a straight line at medium speed, dealing DMG to hit enemies.

Charge Thorny will charge towards the enemy, performing a 10-hit spinning attack if it hits an enemy.

S-Rank Support Units

Support Unit Type Ability Signature

Pull, Charge Toniris will rush forward, dealing damage, gathering all enemies in its path and applying Explosion for 8s. Lightning element attacks will trigger the Explosion, dealing AOE damage.
Bianca: Veritas

Frost Oath
Crowd Control, Protection Frost Oath will stomp from above, dealing damage and applying Rigidness to the target and generating a Snowthorn Forest field, dealing damage for over time.

Rigidness: Enemies will be rooted for 2s.

Rosetta: Rigor

Damage Nitor rushes to the target and claws at it, triggering an explosion that deals damage.
Karenina: Ember

Charge Boreas will fly toward the enemy to deal DMG.
Chrome: Glory

Jet Jaeger
Slice Jet Jaeger will charge toward the target and perform a spinning slash that deals DMG.
Nanami: Starfarer

Control Moonhopper will teleport into the air and smash to the ground, interrupting enemy skills, dealing DMG, and creating an Anti-gravity Field that deals DMG. Enemies inside the Anti-gravity field will be slowed down and unable to use their skills.
Karenina: Scire

Pull, Charge Shimmer will dash toward the target and use its laser cannon to shoot laser beams to deal DMG to enemies within range.
Bianca: Stigmata

Damage Punchy will appear from a portal, performing a quick downwards punch to deal DMG to all enemies on the screen.
Lee: Hyperreal

Pull, Damage Rainbow will swim to the target, pulling in and dealing DMG to enemies within range. Then, Rainbow will unleash a dazzling energy explosion, dealing DMG to enemies within range.
Ayla: Kaleido

Pull, Damage Motorbolt will accelerate towards the enemy, dealing DMG. In addition, Motorbolt leaves behind a field of electric current that continuously pulls in surrounding enemies, and deals DMG 3 times.
Lucia: Crimson Weave

Hades Fangs
Crowd Control, Damage Hades Fangs will dash forward and leap up, penetrating and knocking enemies in its path into the air while dealing DMG 3 times.
No. 21: Feral

Zhou Yi
Damage, Super Armor Zhou Yi will fire lasers to attack the target, dealing DMG.
Alisa: Echo

Qian Ze
Damage, Control Qian Ze will leap and dive towards the target’s position to apply Rigidness, forming a whirlpool and dealing DMG.

Rigidness: Enemies will be rooted for 2s.

Lamia: Lost Lullaby

Shadow Wing
Damage, Control Shadow Wing will release sound waves, pulling in enemies and dealing DMG.
Watanabe: Epitaph

Damage, Control Huiyu will rapidly dive close to the target and circle around them, dealing DMG and pulling in nearby enemies.
Qu: Shukra

Su E
Control, Damage Su E will breathe draconic flame from above, dealing DMG, slowing the target and dealing DMG every second.
Luna: Oblivion

Mei Wu
Control, Damage Mei Wu will fire energy waves, inflicting enemies in the area with Rigidness and dealing DMG 6 times.
Hanying: Solacetune

Rui Xue
Control, Damage Rui Xue will leap toward the target, slamming the ground and dealing DMG once.
Wanshi: Lucid Dreamer
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