Combat Unit Boosters


Combat Unit Boosters are a feature that was added in the Echo Aria patch.

Combat Unit Boosters (also known as pets) are a type of equipment available to both Omniframes and Uniframes.

Combat Unit Booster Overview

Combat Unit Boosters come in default class ratings of A-Rank and S-Rank. Combat Unit Boosters are primarily acquired through R&D, although A-Rank Combat Unit Boosters can also be crafted with materials obtained through Norman Revival Plan.

Like most other equipment, they can be overclocked to increase their stats and maximum level; this consumes Cogs and Support Overclock Bundles. They can also be Evolved in much the same manner Constructs do, up to a maximum class rating of SSS+ Rank. Additionally, their skills can be enhanced by consuming Cogs and Support Skill Components. As of Across the Ruined Sea, each Combat Unit Booster Skill can be manually upgraded up to the player's preference.

Combat Unit Boosters can be viewed and interacted with through the Combat Unit Booster interface, accessible in the Commandant's main office hub. They can then be equipped from the Members interface, next to the chosen character's weapon.

Combat Unit Booster Attacks and Skills

Each Combat Unit Booster has two Active Skills as well as five other passive skills to equip from. In combat, their Active Skill must be charged before it can be casted manually; this is done through the consumption of Signal Orbs by the equipped character at a rate of one charge per Orb, with their Active Skill becoming usable after six charges are accumulated.

At A-Rank, a Combat Unit Booster will be able to equip one Active Skill and one Passive Skill of the player's choice. As it increases in Rank, additional slots for more Passive Skills to be equipped will unlock, up to a maximum of five slots at SSS+.

By default, a Combat Unit Booster's Active Skill will inflict the same elemental damage used by the character that it is equipped by. However, its elemental passive enhancement will not change to match (for example, Yuan Ye, when equipped on Lucia: Dawn, will deal Lightning damage, but its passive enhancement to Fire damage will remain unaffected).

S-Rank Combat Unit Boosters have special, signature effects when equipped by specific characters (such as Frost Oath when equipped by Rosetta: Rigor).