Across the Ruined Sea

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Patch Summary



Gameplay Changes

New Beginner’s Missions have been added.

New Mode: F.O.S. Assessment Board

A new tutorial mode designed to teach the basics of combat to fresh F.O.S. graduates! Complete course objectives to unlock Assessment stages. You will receive various rewards based on your performance.

New Mode: The Cursed Waves

  • A series of new stages with multiple branching story paths. Clear stages to obtain stage EXP that can upgrade the [Path of Voyager] level and unlock corresponding rewards including: Event Construct R&D Tickets, Item-TradeVoucher.png Trade Vouchers, and other upgrade materials. This mode is updated every patch with new stages, story endings, characters, and rewards.


The [Mission Panel] interface has been added. From here, you can check your progress in the Story Mode, the completion status for War Zone, Phantom Pain Cage, and Norman Revival Plan, and directly access various Event Stages.
  • The Story Mode interface has been revamped. Story chapters are now divided into the Main Story and Side Stories. Side Stories include: EX Chapters, ER Chapters, Interludes, and Seasonal Event Stories.
  • The [Study] section has been added to the [Mission Panel] interface. Celica’s tutorials, trial stages, as well as the newly added F.O.S. Assessment Board mode can be found here.
  • The [Resources] section has been added to the [Mission Panel] interface. Inver-Shard farming stages and various upgrade material farming stages can be found here.
  • The [Challenges] section has been revamped and added to the [Mission Panel] interface. The [Challenges] section is now divided into 3 categories:

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