Hydro Heat

- Hydro Heat
- ★★★★★★

- Fire Chain
- Attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the target's Fire Resistance by 5% for 5s. 8s cooldown against the same target. A Signature Move increases Fire DMG by 20% and doubles the chance of reducing the target's Resistance.

Signature Weapon belonging to Nanami: Pulse.

Target Weapon Research Banner: There is an 80% chance to obtain the targeted 6★ weapon when a 6★ weapon is obtained. A 6★ weapon is guaranteed to be obtained on the 30th pull since the last 6★ weapon obtained if any. Two other "off-banner" weapons share its pool, and it is possible to pull one of those instead of the targeted weapon. Available permanently.


Weapon Data

A hydraulic chainsaw with accelerating chains. Its special reagents will increase the saw blade's temperature to diminish the target's fire resistance.

Weapon Backstory

Ohohohoho, spin fast like the wind, little one! Now, let's spice it some MORE with FIRE and EXPLOSIONS!
- The GREAT Na☆na☆mi Sama!