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GRAY RAVENS — The Punishing: Gray Raven fansite supported by Kuro Game.

A list of staff and special thanks. 50%


GRAY RAVENS was built by a small but dedicated team and has no plans to open up editing to the general public. That said, we are always looking for more dedicated volunteers! Every major contribution matters to us, and that is why we take care to mention them all on this page. Thank you so much to all our readers and everyone involved with the site.

Site Staff & Other Credits

Dialogue-Brilliance-Awaken-Icon.png Nine / Linasera

The "boss." Project Manager and queen of the images. Responsible for overall management, renaming files, creating images, taking screenshots, deciding on page layouts, editing the Punishing Pub Memory graphics into English, isolating Coating images, public relations, and more. Also known as u/Linasera.

Dialogue-Glory-Alt2-Icon.png Spectrazzz

Dedicated jack-of-all-trades responsible for programming, adding content, and more. Possibly a Chrome fan.


One of the Programming Trio. Responsible for untold edits to the site layout, templates, and various little odd jobs.


One of the Programming Trio. Created the Character Infobox that can be seen on every character's page. Additionally responsible for a huge amount of other templates that keep the site going.


One of the Programming Trio. If there's ever an issue with a piece of code, Ryan probably has a fix for it. Lost to computer issues but not forgotten.


Responsible for additional touch-ups to the site theme, isolating a huge amount of Coating images, creating the graphs that can be seen on each characters' infobox, and more.


Skilled at completing tasks as efficiently as possible and responsible for helping to create the names for each Item image file in record time and similar jobs. Has also worked on various pages, such as the Patch pages.


In-house translator. Responsible for translating the future patch notes used on this site as well as various other things, such as the Punishing Pub Memory graphics. Has a helpful spreadsheet.


In-house translator. General content editor who has worked on an array of pages, such as the Golden Vortex and Babel Tower pages. Also added skill descriptions to most character pages.


General content editor who helped each page become as accurate as possible, particularly the character pages.


General content editor who helped to create the Items page.


Diligent typo-catcher and writer of the Interludes pages.

credit is incomplete


The following is a list of people who weren't on staff but contributed in other ways, but who maybe sent over files, shared information, and so on. Without these people, this website could never have hoped to achieve what it has.

Kuro Game Staff

We've been fortunate to receive game images, files, and data to populate this site from Kuro Staff. Thank you so much for helping our website grow into a valuable resource for Punishing: Gray Raven.

PGR Wiki Discord

The members of this Discord community supported us in this endeavor all the way through -- without them, this project simply would not have come together. Everyone who created this website met up here! PGR Wiki Discord link here.


Always there for us with clarifications, translations, connections, and of course, his wonderful spreadsheet. Excerpts from his spreadsheet and his videos are posted in various places on this site.

BiliBili Staff

The friendly team behind the PGR BiliBili Wiki has provided information, files, and technical expertise. Their Wiki has been a huge inspiration to us and we couldn't have done this without them.

Punishing Pub Guild

A Guild in the CN version of PGR who is responsible for research, information, and more. Coincidentally, this is also Rexlent's Guild. They were absolutely amazing and allowed us to use their PP Recommended Memory Sets, which a small team helped us translate. Please check out their detailed spreadsheet here.


A skilled player working with us behind the scenes to ensure that our build recommendations are as accurate as possible. Also researched which Signal Orbs each character uses on switch-in. Responsible for the wealth of information on the Beginner Guide.


Skilled player who helped us optimise our recommended builds.

Jayce Vu

Graciously provided information on the Path of Stars event.


Made some extremely helpful graphics for the Path of Stars event as well as the Legend of Executor GR event and Wendigo event. Has a spreadsheet which can be found here and an Imgur album here.


Responsible for providing the information that eventually became the NieR Collab page. Has a modified version of Rexlent's spreadsheet containing similar information and more which you can find here.


Hailing from PGR Wiki Discord Server, leazhito helped provide a lot of nuance and foresight to the NieR Collab page, even creating large writeups of issues to be addressed.

Doomy, GongJa, Frustal, Raphael, Dread (Collectively)

All amazing members of the community who worked on this Google doc which was the basis for the new Memory Build sections on every character page. A serious amount of effort, research, and testing went into this guide and we at GRAY RAVENS are incredibly honoured to get to use its contents on our website.

NieR Collab
Written and constructed by Linasera. Many wonderful players contributed information to this page, including Galaxy, leazhito, Rexlent, and Doomy. Thank you all -- this page wouldn't exist without you.