Nanami: Pulse

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Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease. “Hehe, you can only see Nanami’s afterimages now.” · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (50%) Fire (50%) 50%


Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease. “Hehe, you can only see Nanami’s afterimages now.”
Mixed Damage - Able to deal Physical and Elemental DMG.
Resistance Reduction - Able to reduce Elemental Resistance of enemies.
Physical (50%) Fire (50%)
Hydro Heat

Optimal Weapon: Hydro Heat

Attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the target's Fire Resistance by 5% for 5s. 8s cooldown against the same target. A Signature Move increases Fire DMG by 20% and doubles the chance of reducing the target's Resistance.

Memory Builds ◇ Nanami: Pulse

A list of recommended builds for Nanami: Pulse can be found here. Each tab represents one build — click the tabs below to view each one.
See here for more information about Ultima Awakening and resonance slots.

Memory Placement
Da Vinci x4 / Einsteina x2
Memory Resonance
Top Resonance Slot (1):
Ex — Tactical Adjustment: HP +75, ATK +15 x6

Bottom Resonance Slot (2):
Tank: Class Skill Level +1 x6
Key Notes
  • Nanami: Pulse's main build
  • Ultima Awakening Set
  • General-purpose QTE support set

Weapon Resonance ◇ Nanami: Pulse

Recommended 6★ weapon resonances for Nanami: Pulse can be found here listed in order of priority.

1. Diode Torch
Inflicts Embers effect upon dealing Fire damage. Embers: reduces the target's Fire resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeated triggering refreshes the duration.
2. Resonant Echo
The duration of effect inflicted by Tank class skill increases to 8s.
3. Boundary's Annihilation
On QTE, shields the Construct in control for 10% of the skill user's max HP for 5s.
  • Diode Torch


  • Resonant Echo


  • Boundary's Annihilation
Minimum recommended amount: 1
  • Boundary's Annihilation is mainly equipped in Phantom Pain Cage to keep 100% HP for the highest possible score.

Skills & Passives

Red Orb

Rhythm Charge — Ping Red Orb

Automatically uses a 3-Ping version of this attack upon switch-in.
Dashes forward and stabs the enemy with her chainsaw, dealing Physical DMG up to 12 Hits. Deals Fire DMG instead upon a 3-Ping.
- Each hit deals 20% / 40% / 60% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged (up to 12 hits).
Yellow Orb

Dancing Ring — Ping Yellow Orb

Flips forward and slashes with a chainsaw, dealing DMG twice. Deals Physical DMG upon a 1 / 2-Ping. Deals Fire DMG instead upon a 3-Ping and creates a rotating fire ring that deals Fire DMG.
- Upon a 1 / 2-Ping, each hit deals 100% / 200% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Each hit deals 200% Fire DMG upon a 3-Ping. The fire ring deals 30% Fire DMG with every hit up to 12 hits.
Blue Orb

Shattering Shock — Ping Blue Orb

Unleashes energy that instantly interrupts enemy attacks and launches a heavy strike that deals Physical DMG to nearby enemies. Gains Shield and Super Armor when Shield is present. Deals Fire DMG instead upon a 3-Ping.
- The heavy strike deals damage 3 times, each hit dealing 50% / 100% / 200% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Gains Shield equal to 5 / 7.5 / 10% of Pulse's max HP based on the number of orbs pinged for 5s.
Basic Attack

Sawblade Storm — Tap Basic Attack

Launches consecutive attacks with a chainsaw, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 620% Physical DMG in total.

Overclocking Resonance

Core Passive — Cast Signature Move + Tap Basic Attack
Nanami: Pulse enters Overclocking State after casting Signature Move. In this state, her Basic Attacks deal Fire DMG instead and reduce the Fire Resistance of the targets hit by 15% for 8s.

Signature - Pulse

Signature Move — 30 Energy + Tap Signature
Nanami: Pulse charges at the target, dealing Fire DMG to the enemies along the path.
- Deals 900% Fire DMG in total.

Molten Roundslash

Moves and marks a circle of fire on the ground, dealing Fire DMG to nearby targets and inflicting them with Scorching Invasion, reducing their Fire Resistance.
- Deals 480% Fire DMG in total.
- Scorching Invasion reduces the target's Fire Resistance by 10% for 6s.

Leader - Protective Pulse

Increases DEF of all members by 15% and Fire Resistance of all members by 10%.


Attacks lower the target's Extra DMG Reduction by 20% for 5 seconds.

Ultima Awaken

Gains 3 Signal Orbs when entering battle.

Overload Outburst

30% chance to cause an explosion that deals 25% Fire DMG when performing attacks that deal Fire DMG.

Thermal Growth

Gains Super Armor after casting a Signature Move. Extra DMG Reduction increases by 20% and Fire DMG increases by 15% for 8s.
SSS+ Rank

Pulse Synchronization

Extra DMG Bonus increases by 15% for 8s after casting a Signature Move.
Hidden Skill
Overclocking Resonance
signature move
enhance effects
Nanami enters Overclocking state after a Signature Move, Basic Attacks will be converted into Overclocking attacks that deal Fire DMG. Fire Resistance of targets hit will be reduced.

Character Leap

This character's Leap is implemented during the Chaos Unsnarled patch.

Searing Heart

Searing Heart

Base DMG of Dancing Ring increases by 10%.

Level 9: Performing Molten Roundslash pulls in nearby enemies.
Level 18: Performing Molten Roundslash recovers 20 Energy.
Overload Outburst added effect: After using Molten Roundslash, Overload Outburst can be used by the character currently on-field for 8s (DMG from this skill is taken from Nanami: Pulse's DMG).



Base DMG of Sawblade Storm increases by 15%.

Level 9: Using Sawblade Storm pulls in nearby enemies, and grants movement effect to Nanami: Pulse.
Level 18: Upon casting Signature - Pulse, Nanami: Pulse enters the Overclock state, during which Basic Attacks do not recover Signal Orbs and Nanami: Pulse can gain up to 3 points of Pulse Energy based on the number of times she performs her Signature Move. Hold Basic Attack to expend all Pulse Energy to activate Fiery Vortex, dealing 500%/1000%/1500% Fire DMG based on the number of Pulse Energy consumed. Gains Super Armor when performing Fiery Vortex.
Thermal Growth added effect: Fiery Vortex deals 10% more DMG, and Nanami: Pulse recovers 20 Energy upon entry or swapping-in.



Base DMG of Signature - Pulse increases by 10% and pulls in nearby enemies.

Level 9: Upon entry or swapping-in, every basic attack combo will recover an additional 9 Energy for 5s.
Level 18: When Signature Move has more than 1 charge, repeatedly tapping Signature Move will activate Phoenix Bolt, dealing an additional 1150%/3550% Fire DMG based on the number of extra Signature charges consumed.
Pulse Synchronization added effect: Base DMG Increase of Signature - Pulse increases to 15%.


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