Nanami: Pulse/Voice

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Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease. “Hehe, you can only see Nanami’s afterimages now.” · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (50%) Fire (50%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Melody Peng 赵爽
Zhao Shuang
Laam4 Fung1 Fung1 Mat6 Luk6 Cha4
Minami Tanaka
Construct joins
Witness Nanami's grand entrance! I'm the strongest!
Level up
My hidden potential is being revealed!
Hmmm... You think I need this?
If you say so, then maaaaybe I'll remove a few more of my power limiters.
Improve skill
Oooh, nice. Can't wait to go vroom vroom on this one.
Equip weapon
A new toy for Nanami! Anything's a weapon in Nanami-sama's hands!
Add to team
All enemies are friends of Nanami!
Set as leader
Ohoho? Nanami's the leader now?! In that case... FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT!!!
Mission complete 1
Mission has been completed! Go grab the reward!
Mission complete 2
Go on expeditions to make discoveries, complete missions to earn rewards!
General greeting 1
Good morning! Nanami says hello!
General greeting 2
Stop eating in front of Nanami?! It makes me want to eat too...
General greeting 3
What's it like to lose your hair? Nanami wants to try!
General greeting 4
Humans are all mysterious creatures to me. That's why Nanami is striving to be mysterious to humans too!
General greeting 5
I've learned so many things in the Gray Raven squad! Nanami loves it!
General greeting 6
Nanami loves humans!
General greeting 7
Humans always say that the unattainable is the most beautiful, do you think so too?
General greeting 8
Nanami is a super-duper unique specimen. Would you like to collect me, Commandant?
General greeting 9
I'm working hard to meet you face to face one day.
General greeting 10
Weird. My fixation with all things humans has become a fixation of all things you.
General greeting 11
Life is fleeting for both humans and Constructs... so Commandant, will you write Nanami into your transient life?
Affection up 1
We go together like peas and carrots!
Affection up 2
Are all humans so eager to increase their affection levels?
Affection up 3
I've never met a more amiable Commandant!
Affection up 4
Don't humans have a special word for this kind of relationship? Friends? Lovers...?
Affection up 5
I totally forget that I'm a Construct when I'm with you...
Affection up 6
Ah, is it at max level? Wow, you really do like Nanami!
Affection up 7
I think... some emotions have no upper limits!
Idle 1
Commandant, you're not slacking off during work hours, are you?
Idle 2
Huh? Where'd Commandant go?
Idle 3
Hello? Hello? Ignoring Nanami is a capital offense!
Idle 4
Ha-has something happened? Why are you ignoring Nanami...?!
Excessive online time 1
Our minds have been linked for ages. Maybe go and get some rest?
Excessive online time 2
Don't overdo it! It's not worth it!
Excessive online time 3
You should go and rest! Staying online for too long is bad for your health!
Excessive online time 4
Your brain contains precious memories about Nanami! What if your brain went haywire? Quick, go get some rest!
Connection made 1
Good meowning! That's how humans greet each other in the morning, right?
Connection made 2
Commandant, you're here! Let's get started!
Connection made 3
Haha, you slept in today! Right?!
Connection made 4
When we're together, work feels just like going on a date!
Extended offline time 1
Where have you been? Did Nanami do something wrong?
Extended offline time 2
You've been gone a long time... I thought we were getting a new Commandant...
Extended offline time 3
What was the hold-up? We haven't seen you for ages...
Extended offline time 4
Nanami thought she'd lost you...
Shake 1
Hahahahaha! That's fun! Can we do it again?
Shake 2
Oh! This again?
Shake 3
Okay, this isn't fun anymore...
Shake 4
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Don't blame me if you get your hand stuck in the machinery!
Quick tap 3
And dodge! And... AH!
Quick tap 4
You poke and poke! Just wait til Nanami gives you the shining finger!
Activity at max
Hey! Commandant! Activity is at max!
Teammate returns
You're back! You okay? Was it fun?
Battle 1
The heavens call me, the earth calls me, humanity calls me!
Battle 2
That's quite a crowd! Nanamideon, activate!
Battle 3
Let's count up your sins!
Super Nanami Earthshaking One Hit KO Slash!
AH—don't mess with Nanami's outfit!
C-Commandant... Tears... in... rain...
Knocked out
N-Nanami's becoming No-no-me...
Tadaaah~! Nanami arrives precisely when she means to!
Jetstream attack!
Battle over
AHH!!! That was close. Phooey. Nanami lived!
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