Nanami: Pulse/Secrets

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Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease. “Hehe, you can only see Nanami’s afterimages now.” · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (50%) Fire (50%) 50%


Pulse's Secret 1

Able to perform a perfect three-and-a-half axel.

Pulse's Secret 2

Her digital diary holds the secrets of the world.

Pulse's Secret 3

Her Corrupted friends recorded and numbered in her digital diary are in the triple digits.

Pulse's Secret 4

However, the friend numbers are not assigned in order.

Pulse's Secret 5

Able to run on walls with her propulsion wheels.

Pulse's Secret 6

As good with her hands as Lee is.

Pulse's Secret 7

Her favorite human festival is Halloween.

Pulse's Secret 8

Thinks that older Constructs suffer from hair loss. Once tried to pull Watanabe's hair to confirm her theory.

Pulse's Secret 9

Curious about the concept of dating.

Pulse's Secret 10

Has thought about kidnapping the commandant.

Pulse's Secret 11

She screams the name of her moves to warn the enemies.

Pulse's Secret 12

Once rallied up to a hundred mechanoids as her soldiers for LARPing, screaming and demanding for Babylonia to hand her the Gray Raven Commandant. This incident was classified as a Level 2 Hazard by Babylonia's mission assignment system.

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Character List
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