Kamui: Tenebrion/Secrets

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The result of Kamui’s control over the Tenebrion that he was imbued with. This frame is able to switch freely between two battle forms. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (50%) Dark (50%) 50%


Tenebrion's Secret 1

Once jumped into a pond to catch fish.

Tenebrion's Secret 2

Somewhat concerned about his own change.

Tenebrion's Secret 3

Considers Lee and the commandant his close comrades.

Tenebrion's Secret 4

Has a knack for getting on Lee's nerves.

Tenebrion's Secret 5

Likes anything that starts with "Every"... like "Everyone".

Tenebrion's Secret 6

Cares a lot for his comrades.

Tenebrion's Secret 7

Very bad at lying. He shows obvious fluctuations in his M.I.N.D. when he lies.

Tenebrion's Secret 8

Has wondered who he really is—Kamui or Camu?

Tenebrion's Secret 9

Reaction with Tenebrion has changed his vital fluid color.

Tenebrion's Secret 10

Suspected that his memory module might be damaged, but soon forgot about the matter.

Tenebrion's Secret 11

Will stab his greatsword into the ground and lean on it when resting.

Tenebrion's Secret 12

Lost a bet with Wanshi and had to give up his maintenance capsule usage rights for a while. Used the Gray Raven's spare maintenance capsules in their HQ during so.

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Character List
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