Kamui: Tenebrion/Voice

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The result of Kamui’s control over the Tenebrion that he was imbued with. This frame is able to switch freely between two battle forms. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (50%) Dark (50%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Patrick Gruia DK 阿戈伊奥
A3 Gwo1 Yi1 Ou3
Jun Fukuyama
Construct joins (new)
I am... Kamui. Still the same old me before... I think.
Add to team (new)
Kamui, to the rescue!
Set as leader (new)
I'll lead everyone to victory! Leave it all to me!
Battle 1 (new)
Easy peasy!
Battle 2 (new)
Listen up! Victory will be ours!
Battle 3 (new)
Are you going to surrender or not? This thing hits really hard.
Injured (new)
Just a scratch. Nothing to worry about.
Danger (new)
This might be... going kinda bad.
Knocked out (new)
Not losing, no way...
Assist (new)
Is it my turn?
QTE (new)
I'll just smash 'em all to pieces, yeah?
Battle over (new)
Complete victory! Commandant, how did I do?
Battle starts (new)
I may be entwined in darkness, but I will still march toward the light.
Construct joins
I'm Kamui. Good to meet you, Commandant!
Level up
Keep it going. Don't stop!
Ahah, I feel the power pouring in!
Thanks, Commandant! Though I feel like I still have room for improvement!
Improve skill
Hmm, nice. I'm feeling stronger already!
Equip weapon
A new weapon! No one can stop me now!
Add to team
Haha! My turn!
Set as leader
Woah! I'm the leader now! Don't worry, I'll lead us to victory!
Mission complete 1
That mission had bonus rewards! Hope it's a weapon!
Mission complete 2
Nicely done... and there's a mission reward!
General greeting 1
Good morning. All systems report normal.
General greeting 2
Have you eaten? You better. There's nothing to eat here if you get the munchies later.
General greeting 3
You can't see the stars on our current Earth. Better spend the time thinking about tomorrow's operations instead.
General greeting 4
I'm just as good as Lee or Watanabe! I can be trusted with important missions too!
General greeting 5
You're the strangest Commandant I've ever seen... not that I'm complaining, haha!
General greeting 6
I can't wait to fight by your side!
General greeting 7
Have I changed a lot? I'd change anything, as long as it's for you.
General greeting 8
What am I going to do once the world is saved? Ah, who cares, as long as we're together!
General greeting 9
You're the one who gives me the strength to keep moving forward.
General greeting 10
If I were the sun, I'd used all my light and heat to protect you.
General greeting 11
Whatever happens, I'll always stand by your side!
General greeting 12
Even if it's impossible, I just wanna be your only one.
Affection up 1
What do humans call relationships like ours again...? Siblings?
Affection up 2
I once saw the term "besties" in a book. Are we besties?
Affection up 3
I guess that means we're pretty close now?
Affection up 4
It's hard to describe how I feel, but I do know I feel very happy.
Affection up 5
Surely these feelings must be forbidden...
Affection up 6
I regret nothing, even if it burns my M.I.N.D. to cinders.
Affection up 7
Weird. I think I'm developing strange feelings for you...
Idle 1
You're not slacking off, are you?
Idle 2
Battle's about to start! Where is everybody?
Idle 3
Hey! You wouldn't leave me here all alone, would you?
Idle 4
If you're feeling bored, we could always run away together! Haha, just joking...
Extended connection 1
Our minds have been linked for over one hour. Better get some rest.
Extended connection 2
It's great to see you so busy, but you don't want to burn yourself out either.
Extended connection 3
Go and rest. I'm not going anywhere.
Extended connection 4
Do I really need to remind you to take a break? Only naughty children refuse to go to bed.
Connection made 1
Yup. Ready for battle.
Connection made 2
Feeling good today! Let's get this party started!
Connection made 3
Today's MVP will be ours!
Connection made 4
Before we start, let's get one thing straight. I'll obey your orders, but you have to not takes risks with your mental health. Okay?
Extended offline time 1
What time is it now? Hm?
Extended offline time 2
It's been a while. How are you doing?
Extended offline time 3
Time sure drags on when you're not around...
Extended offline time 4
You're back? Luckily I'm still here.
Shake 1
Shake 2
I'm g-g-getting d-d-d-dizzy!
Shake 3
Oh! Haha! I got used to it!
Shake 4
Try something else! This is too easy!
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Beep--User has crashed--
Quick tap 3
Hey, you gonna pay for that?!
Quick tap 4
Ah, so much poking. I'll get you back someday!
Activity at max
Oh wow! Your activity is at max!
Battle over
Ha! That felt so good!
Teammate returns
Good work! Remember to bring me along next time as well!
Battle 1
Battle 2
You can't beat me!
Battle 3
Let me handle the fighting!
I'll cut my own path with darkness!
Hah, 'tis but a scratch!
Uh... Not feeling too good...
Knocked out
I guess I... lost...
Help's here! Let me turn them into mush!
Yeah! Let's go!
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