Kamui: Bastion

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Member of Strike Hawk, an outstanding solo operator. He is friendly and helpful, but his carelessness always gets him into trouble. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Member of Strike Hawk, an outstanding solo operator. He is friendly and helpful, but his carelessness always gets him into trouble.
Block - Blocking Skill
Shield - Release a shield to defend.
Physical (100%)
23 Oct
Big Kamui
Str. Hawk

Optimal Weapon: Big Kamui

Physical DMG increases by 15%. Upon a successful parry, Extra DMG Bonus of the next skill increases by 30%.

Memory Builds ◇ Kamui: Bastion

A list of recommended builds for Kamui: Bastion can be found here. Each tab represents one build — click the tabs below to view each one.
See here for more information about Ultima Awakening and resonance slots.

Disclaimer: Memories displayed here are arranged so that their stats are optimized based on their varying values in different positions.
However, it's more cost-effective to arrange all 2-piece sets in top slots for easy swapping between builds, even if stats aren't optimized.

Memory Placement
Hanna x4 / Cottie x2
Memory Resonance
Top Resonance Slot (1):
Ex — Precision Attack: ATK +15, CRIT +15 x6

Bottom Resonance Slot (2):
Tank: Class Skill Level +1 x6
Key Notes
  • Kamui: Bastion's main build
  • Ultima Awakening Set
  • High difficulty content

Weapon Resonance ◇ Kamui: Bastion

Recommended 6★ weapon resonances for Kamui: Bastion can be found here listed in order of priority.

1. Polymerization Collapse
Inflicts Smash effect upon dealing Physical damage. Smash: reduces the target's Physical resistance by 8% for 8s. Repeated triggering refreshes the duration.
2. Dead Line Timing
Gain 2 extra random signal orbs upon deployment, and 3 signal orbs of the same color every 45s (also gain signal orbs on standby).
3. Resonant Echo
The duration of effect inflicted by Tank class skill increases to 8s.
4. Boundary's Annihilation
On QTE, shields the Construct in control for 10% of the skill user's max HP for 5s.
  • Polymerization Collapse


  • Dead Line Timing
  • Resonant Echo


  • Boundary's Annihilation
Minimum recommended amount: 1
  • Boundary's Annihilation is mainly equipped in Phantom Pain Cage to keep 100% HP for the highest possible score.

Skills & Passives

Red Orb

Great Slash — Ping Red Orb

Automatically uses a 3-Ping version of this attack upon switch-in.
Slashes the target and deals Physical DMG. Unleashes an extra slash upon a 3-Ping.
- Deals 200% / 400% / 400% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Deals additional 400% Physical DMG upon a 3-Ping.
Yellow Orb


Yellow Orb — Ping Yellow Orb
Enters a block stance and increases Extra DMG Reduction.
- The block stance lasts 2s, during which Extra DMG Reduction increases by 75%.

Yellow Orb — Attacked while blocking
After successfully blocking damage, Kamui: Bastion unleashes a wide-area counterattack, dealing Physical DMG and gaining Charge Points.
- Counterattack deals 200% / 400% / 600% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Gains 40 / 80 / 120 Charge Points based on the number of orbs pinged.

Yellow Orb — Basic Attack while Blocking / Blocking ends
When Kamui: Bastion performs a Basic Attack while blocking, or when the blocking ends, he unleashes a less powerful counterattack, dealing Physical DMG and cancelling his block stance if it has not already ended.
- Counterattack deals 100% / 200% / 400% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Blue Orb

Assault Mode — Ping Blue Orb

Releases energy to gain Shield. Stuns targets when Kamui: Bastion's greatsword hits the ground, dealing Physical DMG.
- Gains Shield equal to 50% / 100% / 150% of Kamui: Bastion's DEF based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Stuns the target for 1 / 1.5 / 2s and deals 100% / 200% / 300% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Basic Attack

Swing — Tap Basic Attack

Swings his greatsword and launches multiple attacks at enemies, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 790% Physical DMG in total.

Offence-Defense Rhythm

Core Passive — Any 3-Ping
Gains Charge Points after any 3-Ping. When there are Charge Points, Kamui: Bastion's ATK increases. Charge Points decrease over time.
- Gains 40 Charge Points after a 3-Ping, up to 120 points.
- When there are more than 0 / 40 / 80 Charge Points, Kamui: Bastion's ATK increases by 6% / 12% / 18%.
- Charge Points decrease by 8 every second.

Signature - Obliterating Press

Signature Move — 100 Energy + Tap Signature
Charges up and quickly swings his greatsword at enemies in front, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 2000% Physical DMG in total.

Obliterating Wind

Kamui: Bastion slashes the target with his greatsword, dealing Physical DMG, stunning the target, and reducing the target's DEF.
- Deals 500% Physical DMG in total.
- Stuns the target for 3s. Reduces the target's DEF by 10% for 6s.

Leader - Unshakeable Formation

When the HP of all members is greater than 70%, their Physical DMG increases by 10%.


Attacks reduce the target's Extra DMG Reduction by 20% for 5s.

Ultima Awaken

Gains 3 Signal Orbs when entering battle.

Fearless Charge

Gains a random Signal Orb after a successful block. Has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Growling Slash

Reduces Physical DMG taken by 10% and deals 8% more Physical DMG when there are over 60 Charge Points.
SSS+ Rank

Offensive Defense

Physical DMG increases by 10% when a shield is present.
Hidden Skill
Offence-Defense Rhythm
yellow ping
block and counter
Counterattacks and unleashes sword waves after a successful block, dealing Physical DMG to the enemy.

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