Kamui: Bastion/Secrets

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Member of Strike Hawk, an outstanding solo operator. He is friendly and helpful, but his carelessness always gets him into trouble. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Bastion's Secret 1

Door frames hate his horn.

Bastion's Secret 2

Feels like he needs to put on a little more weight to be steady on his feet when swinging his big, bulky, sword.

Bastion's Secret 3

Likes the term "girl friend".

Bastion's Secret 4

Good at video games, especially match-3 puzzles.

Bastion's Secret 5

Wanted video gaming functions installed into his frame, but gave it up after being informed that the monitor could only be placed on his belly.

Bastion's Secret 6

Thinks that the Gray Raven commandant is interesting.

Bastion's Secret 7

Felt that Lucia looked familiar the first time he saw her, but did not tell her that because it would look like he was hitting on her.

Bastion's Secret 8

The Strike Hawk squad members are not a tight-knit group, so Kamui often has to play the messenger to bring people together.

Bastion's Secret 9

Wants to have an Inver-Device like Chrome's that won't keep hitting and breaking things so easily.

Bastion's Secret 10

Has destroyed a Corrupted's logic circuit with his Inver-Device.

Bastion's Secret 11

Is actually capable of dual-wielding greatswords. Chrome denied it for being too absurd.

Bastion's Secret 12

When playing games with Gray Raven's commandant, Kamui will occasionally concede for unknown reasons.

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Character List
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