Kamui: Bastion/Voice

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Member of Strike Hawk, an outstanding solo operator. He is friendly and helpful, but his carelessness always gets him into trouble. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Patrick Gruia DK 阿戈伊奥
A3 Gwo1 Yi1 Ou3
Jun Fukuyama
Construct joins
I'm Kamui. Good to meet you, Commandant!
Level up
Keep it going. Don't stop!
Ahah, I feel the power pouring in!
Thanks, Commandant! Though I feel like I still have room for improvement.
Improve skill
Hmm, nice. I'm feeling stronger already!
Equip weapon
A new weapon! No one can stop me now!
Add to team
Haha! My turn!
Set as leader
Woah! I'm the leader now! Don't worry, I'll lead us to victory!
Mission complete 1
That mission had bonus rewards! Hope it's a weapon!
Mission complete 2
Nicely done... and there's a mission reward!
General greeting 1
Heyo—! Mornin'! Y'all ready for the next battle?!
General greeting 2
It's pretty late. You trying to see the stars?
General greeting 3
Commandant! When are you going to take me on another mission—?!
General greeting 4
Hey, Commandant! Have you ever painted a picture?
General greeting 5
I do have other interests, but fighting is what we do. Lucia's the same too, right?
General greeting 6
The very thought of fighting next to you sends energy coursing through my body.
General greeting 7
I'm easy to understand?! Hah! You mean you think I'm simple!
General greeting 8
Humans dream. Do you ever dream of me?
General greeting 9
I keep going, for your sake.
General greeting 10
I'm like the sun? In that case Commandant, are you signing up to be my moon?
General greeting 11
Even if it's impossible, I just wanna be your only one.
Affection up 1
Oh yeah, we're the best buds!
Affection up 2
Hey! We should go one on one sometime!
Affection up 3
I'm just happy we're growing closer!
Affection up 4
Let's do our best in the future too!
Affection up 5
We're closer than most humans, I bet.
Affection up 6
Haha, oh nothing. Just smiling at you.
Affection up 7
My M.I.N.D. accepts you from the inside out.
Affection up 8
Weird. I think I'm developing strange feelings for you...
Idle 1
Commandant? Where are you?
Idle 2
Hey! Why are you ignoring me?
Idle 3
I'm so bored... Come and play with meeee...
Idle 4
How can you just leave me like that!
Excessive online time 1
Commandant, you need some rest. You've been linked for over 1 hour already.
Excessive online time 2
You've been linked for so long. Don't you feel tired? You should rest!
Excessive online time 3
You really can't get enough of me, huh? Still... you should get some rest.
Excessive online time 4
Spending too much time linked is bad for you. Listen. Go and get some rest, okay?
Connection made 1
Oh, you're here? Let's go fight!
Connection made 2
Looking good as always, Commandant!
Connection made 3
Ha, there you are! Come on, let's get rumblin'!
Connection made 4
Come on. Make me the leader today!
Extended offline time 1
You've been away for a long time. How so?
Extended offline time 2
It feels like forever since I last saw you! What have you been doing?
Extended offline time 3
Are you done with me...? I haven't seen you for so long...
Extended offline time 4
I waited patiently for you... and look, you're finally back!
Shake 1
Shake 2
I'm g-g-getting d-d-d-dizzy!
Shake 3
Oh! Haha! I got used to it!
Shake 4
Try something else! This is too easy!
Quick tap 1
Quick tap 2
Beep—User has crashed—
Quick tap 3
Hey, you gonna pay for that?!
Quick tap 4
Ah, so much poking. I'll get you back someday!
Activity at max
Oh wow! Your activity is at max!
Teammate returns
Good work! Remember to bring me along next time as well!
Battle 1
Battle 2
You can't beat me!
Battle 3
Let me handle the fighting!
I'll smash you all to pieces!
Hah, 'tis but a scratch!
Uh... Not feeling too good...
Knocked out
I guess I... lost...
Help's here! Let me turn them into mush!
Yeah! Let's go!
Battle over
Ha! That felt so good!
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