Watanabe: Astral/Secrets

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A frame specially designed to control spacecraft. It was used by Watanabe when he served in the Task Force. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (50%) Dark (50%) 50%


Astral's Secret 1

Watanabe can assess Babylonia from an objective perspective, but when it comes to a personal one...

Astral's Secret 2

He regards the commandant of Gray Raven as the only person from Babylonia he can communicate with.

Astral's Secret 3

Bianca ranks No.1 among the Constructs he is bad at handling. Nanami is a close 2nd, and even overtakes Bianca sometimes.

Astral's Secret 4

Will put on a coat sometimes because he is feeling phantom chills.

Astral's Secret 5

He is skilled at price negotiation.

Astral's Secret 6

There are many spare hair ties in his waist bag.

Astral's Secret 7

Has once cut food with his hand-blades, and he cut through it perfectly.

Astral's Secret 8

This frame can be customized to store different items, including but not limited to shoulder-fired weapons and cooking utensils.

Astral's Secret 9

He believes it is unfair to use this frame against Bianca. But no one knows how such a fight would turn out.

Astral's Secret 10

The frame is equipped with a sound suppressor and stealth technology, enabling him to sneak into the commandant's room at midnight without being noticed.

Astral's Secret 11

Tried cultivating different plants in the desert.

Astral's Secret 12

The Gray Raven Commandant has seen him playing a guitar.

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Character List
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