Ayla: Brilliance/Secrets

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An Archaeological Team member from the World Government Association of Art in Babylonia. The “new blood” of Babylonia. Loves art with a passion. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Tank · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


Brilliance's Secret 1

Closely followed Gray Raven news from the very beginning.

Brilliance's Secret 2

The beret is an additional piece of equipment requested by Ayla. There are a total of 103 styles available for her selection.

Brilliance's Secret 3

Believes that the scythe, as a weapon, can be an instrument of art. Wielding a scythe compels her to create pieces of work that match the weapon.

Brilliance's Secret 4

All open books for Ayla. She is good at seeing through people's minds.

Brilliance's Secret 5

She has a sizable fan club in Babylonia.

Brilliance's Secret 6

A painting of hers was once purchased by an anonymous person with a surprising amount of Black Card credits.

Brilliance's Secret 7

This frame has the highest cost compared with the frames from the same batch. It was fully paid by Ayla alone.

Brilliance's Secret 8

She will give female Constructs hugs as a warm welcome.

Brilliance's Secret 9

She painted a portrait of the commandant of Gray Raven. She treasures it greatly.

Brilliance's Secret 10

She has built an incredibly extensive social network in Babylonia.

Brilliance's Secret 11

Owns a massive number of coatings, but some of them are forbidden in public.

Brilliance's Secret 12

Uses a bespectacled frame to match serious work time.

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Character List
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