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An illegally modified frame born during the time when the Construct tech was not mature. It can cause charge separation to produce lightning as a means of attack. Specializes in long-distance sniping. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Lightning (80%) 50%


Veritas's Secret 1

Asimov is now in charge of the upgrade and maintenance works for this frame.

Veritas's Secret 2

Once supplied power for the public facilities of Babylonia during a power outage.

Veritas's Secret 3

The vision module is powerful enough to enable Bianca to see a minuscule scratch on Karenina's arm from 3 kilometers away.

Veritas's Secret 4

Her luck works in unfathomable ways, always leading to fateful results.

Veritas's Secret 5

For the sake of impartiality, the Purifying Force has established a random selection system for hit targets. Members would randomly draw targets from the mission vault. Bianca drew Watanabe.

Veritas's Secret 6

The training program of Daedalus includes eastern calligraphy. The character on this frame was written by Bianca herself.

Veritas's Secret 7

She will meticulously study the plot development and underlying themes of any literary works, including corny romance novels.

Veritas's Secret 8

She is often moved by corny romance.

Veritas's Secret 9

Either on her way to a mission, or already on a mission.

Veritas's Secret 10

Commandant presence can help stabilize her M.I.N.D. when she is using this frame.

Veritas's Secret 11

Once shot at the sun at her highest power output because Karenina wanted to see her do so.

Veritas's Secret 12

Keeps the one-day date related items and records somewhere safe.

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Character List
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