Sophia: Silverfang/Secrets

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External support for Gray Raven, Sophia also functions as an envoy for the Akdilek Commercial Alliance. Born an orphan on the Eternal Engine, now the sharpest blade of its leader Jamilah. · Rank: A-Rank · Class: Support · Element: Physical (20%) Fire (80%) 50%


Silverfang's Secret 1

She walks soundlessly and is good at climbing and leaping.

Silverfang's Secret 2

Her favorite game is hide-and-seek, and finds joy in being found.

Silverfang's Secret 3

In addition to her moniker of "Hyena", Changyu has once called her "Kowloong Mew Mew".

Silverfang's Secret 4

The robotic arms are multi-functional and can carry out precise maneuvers, able to even thread needles.

Silverfang's Secret 5

For a length of time after joining Gray Raven, she was tasked with fixing up facilities damaged by Karenina.

Silverfang's Secret 6

Spends a lot of time discussing mechanical engineering with Lee.

Silverfang's Secret 7

Sophia's name is not given by her parents, but she adores it greatly.

Silverfang's Secret 8

When she first learned how to write, she had to keep crossing out and rewriting words in her letters. Few could recognize her doodles.

Silverfang's Secret 9

Spends whole nights remotely chatting with Jamilah, though it is mostly Jamilah that is doing the talking.

Silverfang's Secret 10

Tried to find an answer to who she would save if Jamilah and the commandant fell off the train at the same time. It overloaded her brain.

Silverfang's Secret 11

Likes rolling around in fluffy beds.

Silverfang's Secret 12

After becoming friends with Nanami, they created the Little League.

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