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Arclight's Secret 1

Proficient in all weapons.

Arclight's Secret 2

Prefers to use a scythe in Strike Hawk missions so he can hook his teammates back.

Arclight's Secret 3

Has taken over all cleaning and tidying duties in the Strike Hawk HQ.

Arclight's Secret 4

Takes other people's words very seriously and easily gets conned.

Arclight's Secret 5

Has many experimental high-tech devices installed in his frame.

Arclight's Secret 6

Never lost in 1-on-1 duels between Strike Hawk members. Only one male member was ever able to score a draw.

Arclight's Secret 7

Always thinks about how to take it easy in practice, but can't help but get serious again once the practice starts.

Arclight's Secret 8

Always busy picking up the pieces left by his teammates.

Arclight's Secret 9

Often has his hand on the communicator, but he is not really engaged in a conversation most of the time. Instead, he is just thinking about the next step. His hand is there so he can immediately give orders once he has reached a conclusion.

Arclight's Secret 10

Cares about his appearance a lot. Spends a long time doing his hair. Even helps his teammates with their looks. Made many pockets on Kamui's clothes to help him stop losing things.

Arclight's Secret 11

For teambuilding reasons, has hosted a pajama party under Wanshi's suggestion.

Arclight's Secret 12

Unconsciously straightened the collar of the Gray Raven Commandant once. Realized that it might be too much of an encroachment afterward and prepared an apology gift to sincerely ask for forgiveness.

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