Lucia: Plume/Secrets

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Babylonia developed this latest frame specifically for Lucia based on Gray Raven's experience and the data collected from Alpha. · Rank: S-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (20%) Ice (80%) 50%


Plume's Secret 1

Has started to collect scarves of colors other than red — the other team members' theme colors, to be precise.

Plume's Secret 2

Her frame quickly cools down when she uses her twin blades.

Plume's Secret 3

Sometimes appears in front of people in a different hair style. The twin-tails are one of her favorite at the moment.

Plume's Secret 4

Undertook some high-speed sprint training using her "Feather" thruster at the back, but fell over due to charging too much power.

Plume's Secret 5

Once considered whether she could apply to change the shape of her thrusters to wing-like, but decided to keep them as they were.

Plume's Secret 6

The size of her frog plushies keeps getting bigger.

Plume's Secret 7

The food she cooked had perfect presentation and fragrance. Many non-Gray Raven colleagues fell for it.

Plume's Secret 8

She seems to be lost in her own thoughts more often than ever. But unlike before, she now gives a reassuring smile.

Plume's Secret 9

The emotion module of her new frame has been configured by some unknown authorized personnel. It cannot be turned off now.

Plume's Secret 10

When she lost all the memory data inevitably, the part related to Commandant was the last one to be forgotten.

Plume's Secret 11

Would stand guard outside the commandant's room from time to time.

Plume's Secret 12

Knows that everyone is treating her the same like she was before and is grateful for that.

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Character List
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