Lucia: Lotus

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The leader of Gray Raven. Brave and selfless, she is ever at the frontline of the war against the Corrupted. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (80%) / Fire (20%) 50%


The leader of Gray Raven. Brave and selfless, she is ever at the frontline of the war against the Corrupted.
Duel - Has strong single attack ability
Dual Blades - Attack DMG boosting skill
Physical (80%) Fire (20%)
15 Jun
Lotus Ber.
Gray Raven
Frog Acc.

Optimal Weapon: Lotus Berserker

Basic Attack's Extra DMG Bonus increases by 10%. Physical DMG increases by 5% for 2s after each Basic Attack. Can be stacked up to 5 times. Duration resets every time it is triggered.

Memory Builds ◇ Lucia: Lotus

A list of recommended builds for Lucia: Lotus can be found here. Each tab represents one build — click the tabs below to view each one.
See here for more information about Ultima Awakening and resonance slots.

Disclaimer: Memories displayed here are arranged so that their stats are optimized based on their varying values in different positions.
However, it's more cost-effective to arrange all 2-piece sets in top slots for easy swapping between builds, even if stats aren't optimized.

Memory Placement
Patton x4 / Frederick x2
Memory Resonance
Top Resonance Slot (1):
Ex — Precision Attack: ATK +15, CRIT +15 x6

Bottom Resonance Slot (2):
Lotus - Dual Blades: Core Passive +1 x6
Key Notes
  • Lucia: Lotus' main build
  • Ultima Awakening Set
  • High difficulty content
  • General DPS Set
  • Used in high difficulty content where survival is more important than clearing speed
  • Condelina can be used as an affordable alternative to Frederick

Weapon Resonance ◇ Lucia: Lotus

Recommended 6★ weapon resonances for Lucia: Lotus can be found here listed in order of priority.

1. Dead Line Timing
Gain 2 extra random signal orbs upon deployment, and 3 signal orbs of the same color every 45s (also gain signal orbs on standby).
2. Matrix Lightning
After EX Dodge (triggering Matrix), Movement Speed is greatly increased and all enemies' Extra DMG Reduction is decreased by 10% in Matrix.
3. Glorious Afterglow
Final ATK of the weapon increases by 30% for 8s upon a 3-ping. Duration resets upon a repeated trigger.
  • Dead Line Timing
  • Matrix Lightning


  • Glorious Afterglow
Minimum recommended amount: 2
  • Glorious Afterglow sometimes replaces Deadline Timing in Phantom Pain Cage.
  • Leave Glorious Afterglow for last.
  • Focus on Tank and Support/Amplifier resonances first before unlocking the third Attacker resonance.

Skills & Passives

Red Orb

Lotus - Initial Move — Ping Red Orb

Automatically uses a 3-Ping version of this attack upon switch-in. Switch-in fulfills the first half of this character's Core Passive.
Thrusts forward and pulls the target, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 266.72% / 533.32% / 800% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Yellow Orb

Lotus - Flash Strike — Ping Yellow Orb

Quickly strikes once and knocks the target airborne, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 150% / 300% / 450% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
Blue Orb

Lotus - Wave Slash — Ping Blue Orb

Deals Physical DMG and flares up weapon, making all attacks deal extra Fire DMG for a period of time.
- Deals 100% / 200% / 300% Physical DMG based on the number of orbs pinged.
- Deals extra 10% / 15% / 20% Fire DMG for 4 / 4 / 8s based on the number of orbs pinged.
Basic Attack

Lotus - Quick Blade — Tap Basic Attack

Launches consecutive attacks with Lotus - Quick Blade, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 540% Physical DMG in total.

Lotus - Dual Blades

Core Passive — Any 3-Ping + Ping Red Orb
Lucia: Lotus enters Burst Form when a Red Orb in pinged within 3s after any 3-Ping, replacing Basic Attacks with Dual Blades. Lotus - Dual Blades: Attacks the enemy multiple times, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 1080% Physical DMG in total.

Signature - Lotus Flurry

Signature Move — 100 Energy + Tap Signature
Unleashes Lotus Flurry to deal quick slashes to the enemies ahead and finish with a heavy blow, dealing Physical DMG.
- Each slash deals 140% Physical DMG.
- The heavy blow deals 1000% Physical DMG.

Lotus Quick Slash

Lucia: Lotus enters the battlefield and attacks the enemy with her Dual Blades, dealing Physical DMG.
- Deals 1110% Physical DMG in total.

Fearless Warrior

ATK of all Attacker Omniframes increases by 10%.


Extra DMG Bonus increases by 20%.

Ultima Awaken

Gains 3 Signal Orbs when entering battle.

Rapid Strike - Spiritblade Slash

When attacking airborne targets, deal extra 20% Physical DMG per attack.

Relentless Blade

During Burst Form, Extra DMG Bonus increases by 15%.
SSS+ Rank

Core of Clarity

Extra DMG Bonus of Basic Attack increases by 15%.
Hidden Skill
Lotus - Dual Blades
Any 3-Ping
Red Ping
Pinging a Red Orb within 4 seconds after any 3-Ping will make Lucia Burst. Lucia then replaces Basic Attacks with Dual Blades.
While Dual Blades is active, Lucia cannot generate Signal Orbs.

How to play

Lotus - Fundamentals
  • Any 3-Ping + Red Orb Ping triggers Dual Blades (Core Passive) for 5 seconds:
    • During Dual Blades performing Basic Attacks will cause Lotus to attack with two blades, dealing increased damage
    • Dual Blades lasts long enough to complete two enhanced Basic Attack strings
  • It's recommended to use a Blue Orb 3-Ping to activate Dual Blades:
    • The Blue Orb 3-Ping will add Fire DMG to the extra Basic Attacks from the Core Passive
    • If performed in quick succession, the Blue Orb 3-Ping's buff will last for the whole duration of Dual Blades
Lotus - Additional Information
  • Core Passive details:
    • Can only be activated if the Red Orb Ping is performed within 4 seconds after a 3-Ping
    • Lotus will not generate new Signal Orbs while Dual Blades is active
    • Pinging Orbs during Dual Blades doesn't result in higher damage
  • Advanced techniques:
    • Using an Extreme Dodge to trigger Matrix can simplify the activation of Dual Blades, requiring only a Signal Orb of any color and a Red Orb Ping
    • The Fire DMG dealt when under the effects of a Blue Orb Ping cannot critically strike, but will ignore enemy armor
    • Lotus performs a free Red Orb 3-Ping automatically when switched in, allowing a quick activation of Dual Blades with any additional Red Orb Ping within 4 seconds
    • The extra Fire DMG from a Blue Orb Ping is applied as an additional damage instance to every individual hit:
      • During Dual Blades the extra Fire DMG will trigger twice for every attack
      • Attacks that hit multiple times (like a Red Orb Ping) are much stronger while under the effects of a Blue Orb Ping


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