Ultima Awakening


Awakens Ultima skill: get 3 Signal Orbs at start. · Member Lv.65 · Member reaches 5,000 BP · Equip 6★ Resonance Skills * 12 50%


In-Game Text


Obtain ultimate skill: 3 Signal Orbs will be obtained on debut.

Awaken Method
  • Member Lv.65
  • Member reaches 5000 BP
  • Equip 6★ Resonance Skills * 12

In-Depth Explanation

Ultima Awakening is a process by which a character must receive twelve Resonances in total, most often done through Resonating the top and bottom slot of each 6★ Memory. If any character can have 12 Resonances equipped at once, including through a 6★ weapon, and have at least 5,000 BP, they will become eligible for Ultima Awakening.

To Awaken a character who is eligible, select the character and go to Train → Level up → Awaken.

The reward for Awakening a character is a new character portrait, a cosmetic ring around the character's limb, and an additional 3 Signal Orbs at the start of battle.

Memory Resonance Slots