Lucia: Lotus/Voice

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The leader of Gray Raven. Brave and selfless, she is ever at the frontline of the war against the Corrupted. · Rank: B-Rank · Class: Attacker · Element: Physical (100%) 50%


English VA Mandarin VA Cantonese VA Japanese VA
Sura Siu 小N
Xiao N
Mei5 Wu4 Din6
Yui Ishikawa
Construct joins
Gray Raven leader, Lucia. Nice to meet you, Commandant.
Level up
Combative capabilities increased.
This should make the missions easier...
With this strength, no enemies can stand in my way.
Improve skill
I will put myself to use on the battlefield. Thank you, Commandant.
Equip weapon
I will put this to good use.
Add to team
Please look forward to my performance.
Set as leader
I'll fulfill my duties as a squad leader.
Mission complete 1
Mission has been completed. Let's return to HQ and claim the reward.
Mission complete 2
Mission has been completed. Do remember to claim the reward.
Mission complete 3
All missions give their corresponding rewards.
Mission complete 4
Do remember to return to HQ after completing a mission to claim the reward.
Mission complete 5
Have you claimed your mission reward yet, Commandant?
Mission complete 6
I think the mission rewards have arrived, Commandant.
Mission complete 7
The mission rewards have arrived, Commandant. Would you like to check?
Mission complete 8
This is Babylonia's acknowledgment for your efforts, Commandant. Let us go claim it.
Mission complete 9
...Why do I always have to remind you to claim your mission rewards?
Mission complete 10
Did you forget your mission reward again? Luckily, I'm here to remind you.
General greeting 1
Good morning, Commandant. Let us strive for humanity.
General greeting 2
Humans falls ill without consistent nutritional intake. Please strive for a healthy diet, Commandant.
General greeting 3
Gray Raven will remain on standby at HQ until we receive your orders.
General greeting 4
Good evening. Now is probably not the best time to be going out on missions.
General greeting 5
If you run into any trouble, Commandant, please don't hesitate to find me.
General greeting 6
I hope you're getting used to your work, Commandant.
General greeting 7
Unlike Constructs, humans experience fatigue. Please make sure you get enough rest.
General greeting 8
The missions are only going to get harder, but don't fret, I'll assist you.
General greeting 9
I am your blade. Do not hesitate to use me.
General greeting 10
You're saying... I should change how I speak?
General greeting 11
The recent missions have been difficult... Please don't hesitate to ask for my help.
General greeting 12
Remember to get as much rest as you need.
General greeting 13
I will make myself stronger, so please don't overwork yourself.
General greeting 14
Will I see you on the day when this all comes to an end?
General greeting 15
Don't worry. I won't, ever, forget...
General greeting 16
If you order so, then I shall never lose.
General greeting 17
A beautiful red flower blooms inside my M.I.N.D.
General greeting 18
I hold no fear for the future as long as you're here.
General greeting 19
I tried to imagine the world without you... Please stay my Commandant always.
Affection up 1
Knowing each other better will help us in battle.
Affection up 2
Hmm... We've been seeing a lot of each other lately.
Affection up 3
I feel like something's changing in my M.I.N.D...
Affection up 4
Is this what it feels to... have your heart race?
Affection up 5
I think I'm finally beginning to understand you.
Affection up 6
I'm content right now.
Affection up 7
I'm glad you are our Commandant.
Affection up 8
Are human relationships anything like ours?
Affection up 9
Do humans refer to our relationship as... "Love?"
Affection up 10
If I were human, would it make us closer?
Idle 1
Are you busy, Commandant?
Idle 2
Are you still here, Commandant?
Idle 3
Commandant. Should we do something if you're free...?
Idle 4
Just staying like this is fine too. Just the two of us...
Excessive online time 1
Our minds have been linked for over 1 hour. Do you need a rest, Commandant?
Excessive online time 2
Linking minds for an extended period of time is not advised. Please take care, Commandant.
Excessive online time 3
Prolongedly linking minds can lead to mental exhaustion. Would you like a break?
Excessive online time 4
I'd prefer staying linked with you, but it bears too much of a strain on you. Please take a rest.
Connection made 1
Good to see you again, Commandant.
Connection made 2
Awaiting your orders, Commandant.
Connection made 3
Lucia at your service.
Connection made 4
I'm always ready, Commandant.
Extended offline time 1
Are you done with your other missions? Welcome back.
Extended offline time 2
It has been a while. Do you need a quick debriefing of recent events?
Extended offline time 3
I was thinking about you when you were away.
Extended offline time 4
I've been waiting for you... Anyway, I'm glad you're back.
Shake 1
I-is this some new form of training?
Shake 2
Are you trying to improve my reaction time?
Shake 3
Well, I won't fall over so easily.
Shake 4
Okay, okay...
Quick tap 1
Hm? What's happening to my joints?
Quick tap 2
This is...?
Quick tap 3
Ah...! You're always trying to surprise me when I'm spacing out.
Quick tap 4
If this is a display of your emotions, then allow me to also return it.
Activity at max
Well done, Commandant. You have already reached maximum Activity for today.
Battle over
The battle's over... What's our next operation?
Teammate returns
Good work. Will you be needing me?
Battle 1
The crimson lotus is in full bloom.
Battle 2
The flames of my blade will cleanse everything in my path.
Battle 3
I will show no mercy.
The flaming lotus will end everything!
Ugh... I'm fine!
This isn't going well...
Knocked out
We'll... meet again.
Where is the enemy?
Lucia, ready to fight!
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